Wednesday, May 4, 2011

life's little ups and downs

I've been struggling lately. I had decided a few weeks ago to put my etsy shop in 'vacation mode' because I realized that all my items, except one, had expired! I want to keep my shop, but I just don't have time to devote to it. The real problem for me seems to be that each time I decide it's worth the effort to try to keep it alive and make it thrive, life throws all this nonsense at me. I have been working every day. The days at the hospital are getting crazy (several emergencies the past couple days, plus a momma dog spending nearly 2 whole days trying to have her first litter of puppies, only to end in a C-section late in the day yesterday!) to the point where I had to work late. Also ending up staying late at my other job; Hill's food seminar today; Moxie had to have a surprise trip to the vet when I got home from work one day last week (congratulations! It's hip dysplasia!); Moxie's hip issue means now trying to get her in for her therapeutic laser sessions (3 this week, 2 next week, 1 the following week, then maintenance as needed). I'm so busy with silly little life things. I'm so tired, feeling like I'm always on the move (or making dinner, cleaning, or sleeping).
July brings our crazy concert month! The Elvis Costello show AND the Pink Martini show both in the middle of July. And I want to make myself a fun summer dress to wear! This cute halter dress! It's 'SEW EASY' according to the package, but we all know my track record with sewing...nothing is easy! I have been trying to find a way to make a cute (semi)fitted dress without a zipper, but it's just not gonna happen (unless I use a stretchy material, which is really not a good idea!). But I've been hand-sewn zipper last time turned out almost right on the money...why shy away from the zipper if I can just sew it in without the machine?!
So, I'm thinking this material. Not sure yet. Maybe a solid skirt and halter, with this as the 'waistband'? or vice versa? It's really all I have left of my found sheets, so it's either this or buy (gasp!) material, or maybe a new sheet? :)

I am still hoping to find sometime in the near future to re-vamp my etsy shop. I just feel like the homemade paper has run it's course? I enjoyed making it, but wanted to go faster and I feel the quality suffered, in turn making it more stressful instead of stress relieving. I'm also toying with the notion of completely re-inventing my shop, but I think it is hard to close-up shop on etsy to re-open a new one. Has anyone had any experience with that? Is it worth trying to start over, or is it acceptable to keep your original shop but take it in a different direction? These are all just questions based on the hope that some day soon I will have some time to spend on getting my art/craft out there!

I hope everyone else is sliding into some spring/summer relaxation. Though I have never known anyone who has actually had a relaxing summer since leaving school!

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  1. Yeah life has a way of doing this to you...just got to ride it out until things get smoother. My shops have just been coasting as well...I've been making sales but not my art...just stuff I'm "de-stashing" as vintage ephemera. When I opened my first shop I included my photography with my paintings and collages...a year later I decided to open a new shop just for my now I have two shops. A bit of a pain sometimes to maintain two but I think it's worth it. You could just keep your shop and remake it...just keep the original name but change everything else! Etsy wouldn't know or care!