Monday, May 30, 2011

a day off...sort of

Though today is Monday, and i normally work at the animal hospital 7a.m. to 6p.m., we are closed today. That means, it's like a Sunday, except that I have to work, instead of the other girl. :)
I went in this morning to a note that one of the boarders wasn't doing very well last night and needed fluids and meds. I was nervous to peek in at her, but she seemed the same to me: sad, slow, and old. After an hour of feeding, walking, medicating, and cleaning, I went back home. I took a 'jog' (I'm doing a jog/walk program that is supposed to have me running a 5K by the end of 9 weeks...we'll just see about that!). Then, off to town once hubby was ready to go. We made it just as the parade was ending.

This is what I often can i wear a stars&stripes tee shirt? And those shorts were purchased two years ago at a thrift shop, for $5. They were a bit snug then, I couldn't even wear them last year, and this year they fit perfectly!! :) I actually screen printed the shirt myself. I drew and cut two stencils and printed a few of these for my etsy shop. They didn't sell, so I figured I'd just keep this cute little white one. A friend at the cafe asked if I was in the parade...that I could've been on a float!

After our stop for coffee, and walk to/from the beach, Hubby started working when we returned home, and i went back to the kennel to walk the two dogs and check make sure the sick one was okay. She was. Hopefully she is still okay when I get back for the 'dinner shift'.

After that, I went right out to the yard to FINALLY get some gardening done!! I put what few seedlings I had, out. I also planted all the seeds I got for this years gardening adventure. Two kinds of green beans, 3 varieties of snow peas, red beets, broccoli (though i swore never to bother with it again)...same with the green bell peppers, but I found a seedling for cheap, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, edammame from the seeds i harvested from last years failed attempt, 3 kinds of tomatoes (which is weird since i hate tomatoes, but i figured they could be made into sauce and salsa), 3 kinds of radishes (well, actually, more than that b/c one seed packet was a mixture to begin with), zucchini, cantaloupe (b/c i had seeds from last year), 2 kinds of cucumber (pickling and Armenian), and the big clump of greens are the pumpkins that refuse to die...left over from our discarded halloween pumpkin. I have tomato cages for my cukes, and also two cages that i attach bamboo stacks to for my green beans.

Now we wait and see what we get. This year I bought a soaker hose to help with my issue with watering (I hate standing there to water and it's too close to the fence for a sprinkler), so I just have to keep up with the weeding. OH, the weeding!!!

Hope everyone who got a long weekend is enjoying it. And to those who didn't, think on this: there are people sitting in traffic backed up about 13 miles to get off of Cape Cod today. Your day is probably better than that, right? (I will never understand holiday travel!!)


  1. Sounds like you had a busy day! We stayed home...don't do traffic on holidays! (Although there was one year that we made the mistake of trying to get to Cape Cod from Maine on a 4th of July weekend! Won't do that again!!!

  2. I like your t-shirt! Nice work on it. And how cool is it to fit into clothes that used to be too small! Congrats!

  3. Your hair is getting long! Yours must grow a lot faster than mine. I hope all the veggies turn out for you - sounds like a very nice variety for your garden.