Tuesday, June 7, 2011

just pluggin' along, still

The lawn needs mowing again. I'm heading into week 4 of my 'running' program. I am desperate to get the recyclables to the dump. I THINK my garden has a few things popping up, but never have time to do more than give it a quick water just before dinner (most nights). I am still trying to get my butt back into the studio to do some crafting or something. My halter dress i wanted to make for the summer concerts we're seeing has still not started to transform (in fact, the pattern is still not even cut). Moxie decided to stop eating normally after getting into the trash when a raccoon decided to knock our trash bin over (not in 7 years have we had animals in our trash!! Moxie's fine, and eating again...i actually think she was just bored with her old food.)
After all of this normal everyday stuff, I have two days off this week. sure i could use the money, but i could also use an extra day off...considering i fell asleep the other night and slept, off and on, for 12 hours and was still tired!!
I'm hoping to get some shots of what's growing in the garden, to post. also, maybe I'll start that dress? I'll definitely be cleaning out the recyclables. And Thursday I'm taking a day to visit a friend and go for a bike ride. Of course, it's supposed to rain, even though it's been perfect weather here for the past week...I'm used to it, though!
sorry for the 'oh, me, oh, my' post...just had to post something!!!

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  1. My pug .. well Winston goes on hunger strikes when we are away from home. :(

    Have a great weekend Jen :)