Saturday, June 11, 2011

what!? pictures!?

So, this is what I woke up to Friday morning. A head full of humidity!! I have decided to just stick with my plan to grow my hair out this summer, for one last donation to the Locks of Love people, before going back to my short hair forever. At least it will save me some cash this summer, but my sanity will be greatly compromised if we get more days of humidity (which we will).
I have two days off this week, so I chose to TRY to get SOMETHING done yesterday. I did some chores I've been putting off. Here's a fun fact: I'm easily excited by changes at our transfer station. It used to be that only #1 & #2 plastics got, they have one bin for ALL plastics #1-7 and cans...then I guess someone else does the nasty job of sorting it all once it's transported off-Cape. AND, now we have a bin for 'office papers', which means 'junk mail'. AND (yes, there's more excitement at the dump!) They moved the cardboard bin to the same side of the 'street' as the other bins! That means no more letting it all pile up in the basement before having hubby take it all (I get nervous the way people navigate their cars around there...I know, 'crazy', but that's me!)
...hhhmmm...i was going to try to make this post less much for that!
I also finally straightened out my new soaker hose and snaked it around my veg beds. Which sprouted magically, overnight when we finally got some rain! And, I can always count on the Cilantro to grow!! Hated this stuff when I worked at Taco Bell a thousand years ago...the smell of it when we had to chop it up would close my air passages!! But, boy, do I love it now!!
I also (finally) started work on my next dress. The sheets I'm using this time are fitted sheets. That means I'll have to do some hemming....
...And there was a LOT of fabric scraps after cutting the pieces out. It also meant I needed at least one glass of wine to get me through the first stage. It was just a half hour before hubby was to be home from work, so I didn't even attempt to start sewing. This one might end up in the dump swap shop anyway, because none of the pieced are the same color...sheets tend to wear and fade less around the edges than in the middle. and if there's one thing we all know about me, it's that I am more lazy at sewing than i am at gardening! I didn't bother to try to plan the pieces to match, color wise...maybe next time?

And of course, Moxie is happy just to veg while we all spend the evening together.
She got that bed when she was just 10 weeks old...she couldn't even get up on it without help!! And she loves her scottie/penguin fleece blanket Auntie Steph made for her!! I love her little baby face!!
Looks like rain, but there's bowling, putt-putt golf, poker, drinking and bbq on the books for today!
Hope everyone has a great weekend...whatever your weather and plans!


  1. Great garden! I forgot, I need to plant my cilantro and basil, thanks for the reminder.
    Wow, you have a lot to do today and it is raining.
    I cancelled the yard sale for today and tomorrow, due to rain, so now I have an ENTIRE week to work on the barn/studio and get it in perfect order for next weekend, selling the house, and for fun times in the studio while we have it! Can you say group sewing with space for all?
    Have fun today.

  2. Oh and we have a great mini golf place we can ride our bikes to, so put that on your to-do summer fun list with Auntie!

  3. I just found your blog through the mail art list. I just started my own container garden last month and added a few more plants today from the farm market.

    Do you have a pug? If so, that's very exciting! I can't own an animal now (I have an allergic roommate) but I've always thought pugs were the most hilarious dogs. :)

  4. Alli...yes, we (hubby and I) have a 7 year old, definetely hilarious, female pug named Moxie. she is the silliest thing ever.
    I have been SO lax in my mail arting that i havent' even looked at the new list! ugh! hope you're having fun with it!