Sunday, June 12, 2011


Not a great picture, but I've been sort of trying to figure out what to do with this bit of embroidery I did on my handmade paper. I settled on the idea of framing it. Of course, I don't have a frame for it, but I did have this matte not being used. I mounted the piece on brown card stock, then the matte to the card stock. I like it, BUT...there's a slight imperfection on the paper that I can't stop staring at! I thought maybe it was a bit of adhesive, but it won't go away (and I use water based products, but i can't get that spot off...could it be that i never noticed it there until I 'framed' it??)
Anyway, there it is...still just sitting around my studio like a lot of stuff.
I also, FINALLY, re-listed a bunch of etsy stuff.
Here's how my site looks now:
So far, I've just re-listed my cards. I'm planning on going through my paper bowls and other vessels...take some better pictures, photograph some of it packaged up, that sort of thing. That'll be a bigger project, though, so who knows when that will happen!?
I've been wanting to get my film camera back out again, as I've said before. I did find out that my sister has an enlarger that is probably still in our parents' basement, but since she is in Bermuda for a Wampanoag tribal event ( ...they are going this year to honor her fiance's recently deceased mother... I will wait for a bit to ask her about it.
As far behind as I have been in getting my etsy shop back up and running, I'm thrilled with the tiny bit I did today...get that ball rolling, right?


  1. Hopefully, by next week there will be a clean organized studio space in the barn for fun times until the house sells. I think we need to get some good chi and ju ju in there before I let the house go, as my last memory there was Stef and I having a 'talk' with your mother about Mark and why she felt he was worth giving everyone up for. Not happy times, so let's erase that and fill it with laughter.
    Though it still says 'farting makes the arting happen' from our ONE etsy meeting there years back (gee I think that was 2008 yikes!).
    So, next week maybe?

  2. that was forever ago, i guess! happy memories...that shouldn't be hard for us to accomplish!! :)

  3. Good stuff! I've been "away" from my blog, tumblr, etsy, etc. this week...just trying to get caught up! I think I can...I think I can...