Wednesday, June 22, 2011

gardens and cameras

I've been up to the, some gardening, some socializing.
The garden is growing. Peas need to be trellised, as to the beans. I think the broccoli is not coming up. The beets may be shadowed by that giant pumpkin plant. And all my peppers (jalapeno and banana) died when i planted the seedlings and none of the seeds i sowed directly seemed to take. I really wanted at least some jalapenos, and they are so easy to grow, that i think I will try to find seedlings or more seeds at a garden store. My little cilantro forest is growing quite nicely, however!
I've been in love with photography, on and off. I've not used a regular film camera since we got our digital. I played with my pinhole camera, but it's such a new experience, I don't consider it a way to keep my hand in film photography. But i have been itching to do so.
Well, we had a couple friends over for drinks the other night, and one of them is very into photography. We are going to see some of his stuff this week, actually, as he is showing some stuff at a show at a local church. He's also the friend who just scored a whole darkroom set up for $50 at a yard sale!! Anyway, while he and hubby were in the studio, boy talking (and Laurie and i were girl talking in the living room), Hubby showed Ian his old camera which has merely been a decorative element in his studio. He found it at one of those neighborhood church yard sales, years ago. Ian said he could fix the sticky shutter and get it back to us. A couple days later, he showed me how to load the film and gave me 2 rolls to play with!! We'll see how they turn out. Just 9 pics per roll, so you'd think I'd have used them up by now!
Anyway, that reminded us of an old camera that I had bought about 10 years ago at a big community yard sale, for $10. I couldn't even remember where I had put it, but I knew that it worked because i had used it before. Ian asked what kind it was. I said, 'something German.' He said, 'is it a Voigtlander?' I said,
'YES! That's what it is!' His eyes lit up and so I HAD to try to find it. It hit me, where I had stashed it, and went to get it. Having the old cameras out inspired me (again) to try photography (again).
So, once i get some stuff taken and developed, maybe I will have something fun to share (after I scan it, of course).

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  1. Old cameras! Love them to pieces!! I just bought a Kodak Duraflex from an Etsy shop...a true vintage 620 TLR camera! Can't wait to get my hands on it!!