Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have finished day 9 of 13 days of work. I offered to work the noon AND nightly walk/feed at the kennel so that the other girl could spend mother's day with her kids. The cool surprise for me was that there are no dogs in the kennel. Just two cats, who belong to one of the doctors. They are super cool cats, but one is a diabetic, so I had to make sure to be there for the insulin shot. But, I didn't have to go in at noon...only at 5 to feed, medicate, and give a little love.
So, when I got back home (after about 10 minutes of work) Hubby and I had a drink out in the yard. We got to enjoy some silence, as the annoying neighbors were out for the day. I took the opportunity to get some shots of the yard so far this spring...
I think bleeding hearts are just the coolest! Ours was once living in the intense sun of the front yard, but I saved it, placing it in the shade of the back yard. Once it starts to grow, it just becomes enormous in a matter of days! Such cool flowers!
I don't think I mentioned my plan this year to cover my veg beds with plastic, to try to heat up the kitchen scraps I threw a sort of compost bed. The result? Two giant disgusting ant farms!! I hate ants! They were everywhere! And no extra decomposition. Instead,
along with the ants, the parsley and chives grew out the nothing was there. Another bunch of chives kept growing...just without turning green, with the lack of sunshine for photosynthesis! That green clump near the white chives?
The remains of last year's pumpkin!! Along with the white chives, when I pulled back the plastic, I was greeted by white squash seedlings!! The next day, they were full of chlorophyll and thriving!! I guess I'll try to grow some pumpkins again! I couldn't believe that they were trying to live under that plastic!! With NO sun!! Nature is weird!

I also tried getting shots of my privet, but the sun was setting right behind them.
I am so excited at how they are coming in this year! So many big leaves. This is how they looked last year when I bought them...puny! I'm thinking of getting 3 more this year, since they did so well after just one dormant season.

I am hoping to finally start some seeds this week, but almost feel as if I may as well just wait and throw the seeds right in the beds. New dirt needs to go in, and I need to put up my new 'portable' bed that I got for my birthday. Flowers in the 'flower bed' are beginning to emerge, too. It's just hard to think about anything but sleep these days, though!

Hope everyone had a great day, weekend, etc.


  1. Our garden and flower beds are sooo wet right now...all we can do is just look...and hope for a dry period. Today will be warm and sunny...that will help!

  2. How funny, I just made an arrangement of that same color bleeding heart for the dining room table. I used that clear vase with the leaf pattern you commented on your last visit and also put hosta leaves and the freshly emergin lily of the valley (My all time favorite fleeting flower!)
    The place that sells the privet is open. We should go. Maybe our next hang out together day we should go there, as I need more plants as well. Those look really good, do you wish you had planted more last year now?
    Get some rest, you crazy workaholic!

  3. We have bleeding hearts established in our front landscaping. My guy tends to think they're weeds when they first start coming up! I've threatend him many times NOT to mess with them. Ours are huge right now too. It does seem like they get really big, really fast.