Thursday, March 31, 2011

spur of the moment shopping

After work today, I thought I might go to the store next door and see if they had their seeds and gardening stuff out. (It's a discount kind of store that has a lot of cheap stuff, but sometimes you can get a great deal one seasonal or party stuff.) Since they didn't have much, I decided, instead, to go one door down to the Jo-Ann's fabric store. They are expanding this location, so I was curious. A friend also recently mentioned (reminded me) that they often have 99cent pattern sales. It just so happened that they have Simplicity patterns on sale starting today. I thought there was a new pattern I wanted to check out, but couldn't seem to find it (possibly it wasn't Simplicity) in the books. I did find a couple others, though. This adorable halter dress!! Still gonna have to deal with a zipper, though.
And, these cute skirts.

I pulled out this skirt I love to wear in the's just an elastic waist skirt. Two panels of fabric and some elastic! Why don't I make that!!?? I like the big pockets in the green 'sporty' skirt, but I like the elegance of the more 'put together' skirt, too.

So, after selecting my patterns, I went to find some elastic, but checked to see if they had a zipper foot in, yet. They did...but I'm not sure it will fit. The woman at the counter asked if I had used one before. I said, no, so she said, 'well, with the wide range of machines out there, open this carefully and save your receipt.' I didn't think I could return it! I figured 'well, it's 3 bucks...I'll give it a shot!'

I have been looking forward to my day off tomorrow, but now I have the fireplace guys coming smack-dab in the middle of the day to clean out the gas stove. Sad to spoil the day, but glad to finally get that cleaned!

oh, and here's a fun fact: it's SNOWING!! Give me a break!! It's April tomorrow!! I want spring!


  1. I love skirts with elastic waists and ones with pockets, so comfy. I heard they're supposed to get 7-14" West of 495. In Boston it's just raining...for now. : )

  2. well, Felicity, they can have the snow. the snow we were getting eventually turned to rain...which it still is...COLD, COLD RAIN. I don't like the heat coming on in April!

  3. Wow-sewing and homemade pasta, you might have to form the 'homemakers' club, wink wink! Darling skirts and I love halter dresses. I even wear mine when it isn't summer with a cardigan or sweater (then it's like a skirt).
    You'll get zippers now that you have a zipper foot.