Tuesday, March 22, 2011

helping...it's the right thing to do

My blog friend, Erika, is helping. She's helping those in need, in Japan, by donating HALF of her kickstarter proceeds from this week!
You can help Japan by helping an up and coming artist realize her dream of an artist residency in Hong Kong!
If you haven't heard about it...go here.
If you haven't pledged, but have been meaning to...this week your help will be TWO-FOLD! So, go now.
If you aren't in a position to help, that's fine, too, but you should still check out her blog and her project idea, because it's pretty cool!
If you can't help (or already have) but know someone else who may be interested in helping to fund this great project, send them over!!
Time's running out...let's get this girl to Hong Kong! :) AND help Japan a little, too!!

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  1. Jen thank you so much! I really appreciate all your kind words :)