Sunday, March 6, 2011

Aahh, Sunday

Sure, I had to be up at 4a.m. to work until noon, today, but it's Sunday. Sundays, for whatever reason, always feel different than other days. Perhaps, today, it's because of the 'warm' (high 40's) weather and the spring training baseball game on TV? Whatever the reason, today finally feels like a relaxing day. Well, it may be the wine and cheese we had for lunch, actually. Now that I am 'section leader' for the cheese section at work (which basically just means I place he order and make sure we don't run out of anything...which I'm still trying to get a handle on!), I like to have a little more knowledge of cheese. And, by that, I simply mean, that I like to have AT LEAST my own opinion of the cheeses we sell. So, I've been trying to bring home a selection of cheeses to try on the weekends. Last weekend, we were pretty tight on money, and I was in the height of worry about the cat (I'm still worried about him, but I fear the worst now and am just trying to enjoy his last days, sadly.) I can never tell if Moxie is just jealous, or if she is worried about Hanzo, too. This is a familiar site, these days, though...
So, anyway, it's been a couple weeks since we've had a 'cheese tasting lunch. This week I got a couple Goudas to compare: a regular run-of-the-mill Gouda and a goat's milk Gouda. I tend not to go for a goat's milk cheese due to its strong flavor, but I did like the goat's milk Gouda...not too strong. I also got a wedge of our seasonal 'Irish Cheddar with Porter'...YUM! Blue cheese is something I like with my hot wings, I am definitely not a lover of it, but I wanted to try our 'cave aged' blue can really taste the cave!! :) It actually made my mouth water, it was so 'tart'. And, you could also really taste the 'blue'...not a great 'cracker cheese', in my opinion. I REALLY wanted to try our 62% Supreme Brie. I ate half the wedge by myself and can't wait to finish it...when I will drizzle it with honey, sprinkle on some almonds, and bake that little beauty! We also still had the English cheddar with caramelized onions from our last 'cheese day'. I love wine and cheese lunch!! Oh, and we also had a special treat, as Hubby had stopped at our friends' bakery and picked up a fresh loaf of Pumpernickel bread today!
Yes, I think that makes any day a special day!
Another possibility is the margarita I'm sampling now. I know, I know... there are other things in life than booze...but, well, we'll get to the other things another time! :)
The margarita wasn't really planned today. We just got this new item at Trader Joe's, so I picked it up 'in case' I wanted it over my two days off from that job. The mixer is yummy...not super sweet like most mixers...more like a sweet limeade. But, of course, Hubby's always into trying new alcohol (or for me to try them) so he got me a bottle of tequila while he was out buying wine. Yummy...the tequila (Espolon) is smokey and goes nicely with the sweet-tart mixer.

In other, crazy news, when I got home, I could tell Hubby had been taking pictures...the camera was out of it's case and just sitting on the table. And, if there's one thing I know about my guy, he never puts anything away...
So, I looked at the pictures to see what he had been photographing...
It was a wild turkey... our driveway! We've seen SO many these days. One day we were driving home and there were about 9 of them in a yard, a couple streets over. I was just commenting to a friend, that we had seen more bunnies and turkeys, and less coyotes...then she showed me a picture of a huge coyote she saw in HER yard! I'd rather see a turkey!
Apparently, he tried hiding behind Jason's car when he went out this morning, then peeked around the back of the car to see if he was still there, before running down the driveway! What strange birds!


  1. Cheese and margaritas for lunch...what fun! After reading this I just might have to have a little cheese and wine before dinner tonight...thanks for the wonderful idea on how to spend a gray and cold Sunday afternoon! A wild turkey...neat stuff! We have them around us...I almost ran into a flock (?) of them this summer while out riding my was a good thing nobody was behind me as I had to make a quick stop!!! Great pics!! (And where was the pinhole? (: )

  2. This sounds like a scrumptious lunch! I love the Iberico from TJ's. Mmm, tequila- makes me think of Summer. Hugs to your sweet kitty, i'm so sorry.

  3. Yum...all of that cheese and wine sounds like a lovely dream...
    Poor Hanzo. He's such a darling. I hope this passes and he ends up being okay after all.
    Huh. Turkeys on your end of the Cape are a lot smaller than the wild turkeys on this end. Strange, too, that it was alone. Guaranteed the rest of the flock was not far; observing your DH snapping shots of their brother/sister!

  4. pinhole there, but after looking at that book you recommended, I think i'm excited to try again!
    @Felicity...thank you. and the Manchego is really good too. I got extra points with my father-in-law for getting him some while they were here...he loves Spain.
    @Renee...he was small, but tall. i see some out on Mary Dunn Rd. that are HUGE! i guess there's not much sustinence (sp) for them out here? :)