Wednesday, March 2, 2011

time's up

I have been going on and on about the sad bits of my life for the past couple of days. For that, I apologize. I am dealing with things that I have never had to deal with before, with my pets, and it has been taking a lot of my energy and it's been getting me down.
Well, enough's enough.
Today, Moxie went for her re-check for her ears. My new vet is a co-worker, since I've finally changed vets and now go where I work (HUGE savings in vet bills, love that!). She LOVES pugs, but really loves our little Moxie. Today she said, 'Jen, she's just perfect!' and then said to Moxie, 'you should've had some babies!' She definitely would've made some cuties, but being our first dog, there's no way we could've bred her! Then, concerned about Hanzo, she told me to bring him in to work with me on Monday to see how quickly his weight loss is progressing and to check his urine again...this would all be so much easier to deal with if we knew WHAT we were dealing with! He's purring and lovey and snuggled under the covers last night. He just doesn't want to eat! Anyway...we'll get it all sorted out, one way or another.
In the meantime, I'm done putting everything on the back burner while I syringe feed my cat, and check his litter box every hour or so!
I finished a couple pieces to send off in the mail yesterday and today. They are fun for me to day, but not really on par with the ones I'm getting ...I hope everyone is enjoying them anyway!
I like how my little Patron tequila 'nip' bottle is the perfect size for rinsing my pen nibs!
Surprisingly, these old inks that Hubby used to use when HE was in art school (about a thousand years ago!) still do the trick for me.
In other 'creative news', I finally took pictures of my new dress, ON.
(Try not to get distracted by the mess. This is in my basement 'gym', so it's okay that it's a complete mess!) It actually fits quite nicely, though I am considering making the bottom part a tiny bit tighter (I've lost an inch of my hips since starting the dress...I'm not super quick in the sewing department!)
In the picture on the pattern, they show the dress worn with a shirt underneath... I kinda like it, even if I do look like a school teacher. Thursdays at our friends' cafe is 'knitting circle afternoon'...maybe I will wear this?


  1. Cute dress! My little dog had a ear infection also this week! maybe our pugs are long lost cousins?

  2. Yeah...being a retired school teacher...who didn't wear dresses by the does look like a teacher outfit! (:

  3. I'm going to be honest and express my surprise that a vet said that a pet should have had puppies. Where's the animal responsibility in the animal business gone? Moxie is an amazing pug, don't get me wrong, but there are so many shelter animals that needs good homes before someone breeds another one! You know all about it. I'll get off of my soapbox, now. :P
    I'll keep sending positive vibes for your fur babies.
    Yea! I'm so glad that you finally posted a pic of the dress! And so cute! It probably goes without saying, but I'm partial to the "teacher" look.
    Say "hi" to my 1000+ year old brother-in-law for me! Haha!!

  4. I have to chime in as a past 'puppy maker'. Because others are not responsible with their pets, therefore making surplus dogs, doesn't mean those of us with great dogs who DO find homes for them should not be allowed to do it.
    That would be like saying no family could have their own children with all the children up for adoption.
    But, I think we both know where Renee stands on Babies, so of course the same must go for puppies, I guess.
    I think she would have made a good mother and it IS important to breed for temperment. That is what I did and two of the puppies are still in my life and they are great much loved dogs.
    So, that is my soap box!
    That looks so good on you and I am jealous that you have lost MORE inches since you made the dress! I need to get to work and try and lose some weight, but it is just so hard to start. Oh, well, some day.

  5. I hope you can figure out what is wrong soon :( I understand how much you love your pets. It is a hard thing to go through.

    The dress looks cute! I like it worn both ways.

  6. @ renee & D...i was surprised, as well, but i think she said it as 'with all the dogs breeding out there, [MOXIE] would have had great puppies.' not that she is against adoption or for OR against breeding.
    and, i DO think people should consider adoption before bringing more kids into this world, but some people gotta have that 'connection'. it's human nature to want your 'own'. we all KNOW it...i just don't UNDERSTAND it! :)
    Thanks everyone for the kind words about the dress,'s amazing what you can do with an old flannel sheet!!