Friday, March 18, 2011

Gone, but not forgotten

My Hanzo. A trooper til the end. Our last night together, we lounged about and love on each other. I think Moxie will miss him, but only because now she won't have anyone to push around.
We were lucky to get a gorgeous day, weather-wise, for our last day together with Hanzo. I was supposed to work in the morning, but Wednesday morning at work was already proving to be near impossible, knowing what was coming, so I gave up my hours to someone who wanted them. She had asked before, but i have already had shorter hours at the kennel, and didn't think I could afford to lose a day...but, then I realized that I more likely would not be able to hold it together at work!
Anyway...gorgeous day...
Hubby and I took a short walk to the beach to clear our heads a bit, then we spent the rest of the day in the yard with the kids. Hanzo loved being in the fresh air, but usually had to just get it from the open windows, since his previous owner took all of his claws away. He used to run out if the door was open, and start sniffing around the chairs and plants. Always very cautiously.
Yesterday, we let him roam as far as he wanted, which led to some hilarity when Moxie decided he might want to play with her. There was a 'play bow' from her and then she started running circles around him, and then knocked him over from stand to sit. It was sad, because he couldn't hold himself up, but funny how she wanted to play.
They were an odd couple, but I was always happy that they were able to get along. Hanzo was always more dog-like...begging for food (which he taught Moxie), always wanting to play (especially when I was trying to tie my shoes or the sweater with the wrap-around belt), and the two of them racing each other to bed for the best spot! Eventually, after lots of exploring, he channeled his inner lizard, and plopped down on one of the hot pieces of slate in the path.

I think it was a good last day for us. Now the agony is over, and his pain has ended.
But, it is strange that he is not curled up next to me, looking at me like I am taking up more than my fair share of the seat! :)
R.I.P. Hanzo...we love you...


  1. I love that little face of Moxie- it always makes me smile how expressive little pugs are.

    Hanzo looks so happy and I am sure loved all the sunshine.

  2. A good last wonderful!

  3. The pictures are so sweet! He was a marvelous cat, and will never be forgotten. Beautiful that he was able to spend the day outside.

  4. I feel like I really got to know Hanzo over the last few posts. I really can't imagine how hard it must have been for you two...

    So sorry for your loss.

  5. thanks, everyone, for your kind words and compassion. i am glad i could share such a personal part of my life, and have it be so well received!

  6. Gone, but not forgotten. At least you saved him and he was much loved.
    R.I.P. Hanzo Cat Hart