Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flowers and plants

I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about our Hanzo's passing this past week. But, our journey hasn't ended. Our plan was to go pick out a plant to take Hanzo's place in the front window. Where he would sit and gaze at the neighborhood cats, bugs, or sometimes nothing at all. He would sniff the air, and sometimes sneeze if he caught a whiff of pine, which he apparently had a little aversion to. Anyway, plant shopping had to wait until Saturday when I got out of work, since neither of us was in any condition to a) be out driving around; or b) out in public.
So, we went to one of the local nurseries, and found a fun hanging plant. It's called a Goldfish plant, which is perfect since Hubby said he wanted a goldfish!
Hubby's little memorial to Hanzo was a paper sculpture of him...complete with freakishly long tail!
Before I left work, though, I was stopped by my boss, who had a bouquet of flowers in her hand. 'These are for you.' I thought it was a joke and they were to be 'spoiled' through the store, but she said, 'yes...I know you're cat died. I'm sorry.' How thoughtful!
It really has amazed me how much compassion my co-workers have shown me through this sad time.
In the meantime, I'm making scones, mini tarts, and all sorts of things for a little gathering I'm having to celebrate my birthday, and the memory of my friend. And can i just say...if you're going to make mayonnaise...make sure your oil is fresh!
I'm also working on some mail art!'s true...I have been trying to keep myself busy and arting is getting done!


  1. I love plants too but I always kill them :( poor plants

  2. same number one concern when picking it out was it's ease of care. if this plant dies i will be devastated!!

  3. I love homemade mayonnaise. You can make it with Olive oil, as well. What type did you use? I find my blender is the BEST maker of mayonnaise. Can't wait to try it.
    I love the goldfish plant and the little paper sculpture, cute and nice memory.

  4. @atomic :) i DID use olive oil and i used my betty crocker recipe in my food processor. I have made things like this a million times, so the consistency and every thing was spot on, but all i can taste is the oil. which is usually the case with me. it just tastes old. first i thought 'old oil' but it's not. so then i thought 'must be b/c i used olive oil' but as you CAN use it. anyway, it was gross so i'm not going to use it...

  5. Beautiful plant...and I did get your mail's wonderful! I just posted on my blog about it...