Friday, June 4, 2010

just a few things

Sadly, I am still without my own computer. That means, no uploading photos. I picked my first radishes of the season this morning. About 4 plump red ones and one measly purple. I think the 'Easter Egg' variety grows at a slower rate. I found a recipe for aphid spray that is just Murphy's oil soap and water. I am going to try another, that isn't oily, but it involves sitting overnight, so I wanted to get something on the plants before my broccoli got devoured again, like last year.

We are heading into a busy social weekend... AGAIN! Helping a friend get her house cleaned, painted, and ready to sell on Saturday. Surprise 'group' birthday party on Sunday (good thing none of my friends read my blog!!).

Today, I am just sticking around the house, enjoying a day off. I even stayed in bed until almost 8 this morning!!! I stayed up watching a movie, plus I've been pretty tired lately. I think it's because I have started working out again. All those things they say will boost your energy (coffee, sugar, exercise) just don't. Maybe in the long run exercise will help, but right now... zzzz! The super cool part about working out again, though, is that after just a few days, I am already stronger. I've been doing Jillian Micheals' 30 Day Shred workout. The first day, I couldn't make it through all the push ups (not on my toes... i can only do the ones on my knees). By the third day, I could do 15 in my first set, and 10 in my second set!! I love getting stronger and seeing results!

I just read in Shape magazine that beer has loads of B vitamins, antioxidants and silicon. More silicon than fruits and vegetables, and it's apparently one of the key minerals for keeping your bones strong. we all know, beer is full of calories, so as with everything in life... you gotta take the ups with the downs.

At some point today, we are also meeting at the bank to see about refinancing. Oh... crap... gotta go get my stuff together!!!

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  1. You just never really stop, do you? *~_^* Don't forget to breathe.