Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The 10 minute post

I have about 10 minutes before i MUST be ready to walk out the door for work. So, in fact this is an 8 minute post!
Just wanted to put it in 'writing' to make it more than just a half-assed thought I had one morning. It's kind of a personal blog that makes no difference to anyone, but I don't have time right now to figure out how to make it a private entry...
I am trying to better myself. What? How? Well, I want to be the well-rounded healthy person I always dream to be. What does this mean?
1. I'm taking the time for myself to workout at least 5 days a week
2. I'm making more effort to work out healthy meals and menus for Hubby and me
3. no more coming home to eat lunch and instantly lose the desire to stand up again...work, work, work, play! I want to get back into the studio, so no more week day tv marathons!! (damn you Bravo!!)
4. there are sooo many things i have been wanting to do: pick up French again, pick up the guitar again, art, the little stress relievers that i just get too lazy to try
5. i need to organize my life if i want to be a healthy centered person...i'm going to try (TRY) to clean up my life in every way. get rid of anything i don't need...and trust me, there are a ton of things i don't need! my shed, basement, and attic are full of random bits of uselessness!!

so there it is. My grand scheme to detoxify my life.
The paint is up in the mud room...i'll post pics with my next entry.

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  1. Yea! I see what you mean, now about inspiring each other. *^_^* Auntie and I want to pick up French, too; though I've never learned any at all. Any, yea! again!