Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yellow room

So, you may remember we have this room in our house that has yet to show it's purpose. We call it the 'mudroom' because it is our entryway. It's the side entrance, but we never use the front door as the dog tends to be better at getting out through the front door. Anyway, the room was white, or some variation of white (read:dirty white). When we moved to Nantucket, my baby sister moved in, and we told her that she could paint the room if she liked. (I can't remember if she specifically asked to paint, or if we just said that she could make it her home while we were gone.) This is the color she chose.
I actually liked it, but Hubby thought it a bit too close to pea soup.
For a few months my mother lived with us, shortly after she and my dad split up. We don't have much room, but I was in the process of re-finishing the basement, so I painted one room in a lovely yellow (Rich Cream). I bought that striped bedspread to go in that room, but it even went nicely with the green.
Anyway, I had a half gallon can of the yellow left over and thought we could repaint the room without spending a dime. I was wrong, we ended up needing another can...I thought a quart would do it, changed my mind, but realize I was probably right. Now we have another gallon of this yellow...oops.
At first I thought it was too bright, but it mellowed out with the second coat.
Next we're hoping to get the floor redone. Possibly bamboo of some sort.
I decided to paint the beam over the front window, too. It was the only unfinished, dark brown wood beam. I figured painting that one would be a lot easier than striping the other.
So I like it...Now i guess i need a new project. Which means I had better get down into the studio!!


  1. It feels so crisp and clean! *^_^*

  2. I love it!! I think the yellow was a very nice choice!