Thursday, June 24, 2010

I did it!!

I finished the most recent thing I've been working on. I had some nice paper that I made from my last batch of pulp before I toss everything. I had a ton of pulp that I was hoping to work with, then lost all interest when I was duped by a retail shop in Maine. The experience left a bad taste in my mouth and wiped me of any creativity I may have possessed beforehand. So...all left over pulp got dumped into the garden beds/compost pile and I haven't made any paper since. However, I did have some paper that was already finished that was just waiting to be turned into something.
I embroidered a little design on a small sheet of paper I made. I love the look of embroidered paper.
I like the 3-D effect of the Chinese knots. It's such a crazy mix of emotions I go through with this, though. The handmade paper has sections of it that have thick bits and the needle won't go through quite smoothly. There are times, you make so many stitches that you just produce a hole in the paper. It's not like cloth...paper rips and it has no forgiveness for a missed stitch.
Originally, this piece was supposed to be the cover to a journal. But while making it, and then upon it's completion, I thought, 'this could just be a piece of art. It's worthy of framing.'
I had only one matte to test it out, but I actually think it works. The paper, in real life, is more green than blue, so the sage green matte does work, but I would probably choose a mustard yellow or another shade of green.
Today's 'victory' did get me a tad more excited about creating again. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying to get hold of that woman who screwed me over!!


  1. Yay!! It feels so good when the creative juices get going again!! I had a terrible craft fair last June that totally wiped me out (in a creative way) for a long time! So, I understand that!

    I think your piece really turned out great! I love it as an art piece!

  2. That is sweet! I'm so glad, too that you are feeling the Muses stares burn a hole through you. You have a talent (well, many) that is (are) meant to be expressed! Feel the urge! Feed the need! Create! *^_^*