Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pretty things that now make me sad...

Some of my favorite creations that I will a)never see again; and, b) will never be paid for! :(
A cute little card. The wheels are made of my own handmade paper, and they really spin. This is one of a series of 3 that I did.
This tiny book is made entirely of my handmade paper. I stab-bound it and embroidered a little elephant on the cover. I thought it was pretty cute.
I made a few of these cards with origami elephants. I first made one of those elephants, with a baby to go with it, and gave it to my elephant collecting mother as a Christmas gift. This was actually a popular item in my etsy shop; an item I actually sold. I thought it would do well in this little shop in Maine. Maybe it did? I don't know as I never got any feedback or acceptable responses to emails. Sad.
These bookmarks sold well at the couple of craft fairs I did. Made of my handmade paper, and embellished with bits of paper collaged to be birds. I love these...again, I thought they'd do well in a retail setting.
One of my favorites was this card completely embroidered by me. A little froggy and some cattails. Minimal, yes...but still sellable, yes?
I LOVE this card. The petals are made of my handmade paper. The stem and leaves, I embroidered. The petals are movable, as they are held with a simple brad. I really like the blue flower with the brown background.
Yes, I'm sad that I put so much effort and time into making these things and didn't get anything for that. I am more sad that NO ONE ELSE got any joy out of them...I basically made them and then threw them away.
I can't find a phone number. The woman no longer updates her blogs. She has nothing in her etsy shop. And the website is 'under construction'. My only hope is that eventually she'll get her shit together and/or get all the emails I have sent the past year, and do the right thing...pay me or send my stuff back.

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