Monday, June 14, 2010

A weekend in Boston

I have been sick since about last Wednesday. Stuffy nose, nagging cough, and now that awesome crap in my chest that just won't come up and go away. But I went to Boston anyway. We had booked a room for Saturday night so that we could spend the weekend with Hubby's parents. I wondered if I should stay home so that I didn't get them sick, but I really didn't want to pass up the opportunity to see them while they were so close (they live in Akron, Ohio and travel ALL THE TIME). They spend 2 weeks out here by us in September, but it would just be wrong for us to not travel an hour to see them. And it was a great trip. No traffic from the Cape to the subway station, and the train rides were pretty clear the whole way. We found out hotel, we found theirs, and then the rest of the weekend was walking, eating, drinking, and catching up.

We had a quick bite and a cocktail before heading out on the town. It rained most of Saturday, so we wandered around indoor shopping centers. Our dinner menu had the Sunday brunch menu on the back, so we all decided to go back for that. Basically the trip can be summed up by the drinks: Manhattan with the arrival snack; cucumber martini with dinner; mimosa with brunch; and, sangria with our departure tapas. I get along great with my in-laws. Unfortunately, I do not like the 'calling of the brother' when we are seated in a (very empty) restaurant. I think I upset Hubby's mom when I basically refused to talk to my brother-in-law.
Sunday morning was foggy. I don't like being in the city, but I had said to Hubby that I was looking forward to Sunday because Sunday morning in the city is fabulous. Especially with fog like this!
It was also supposed to rain all day, so we decided to hit the New England Aquarium. It was as I remembered it. Penguins and fish.
This was looking down into the giant fish tank. It is runs down the center of the building so you can see into it at all depths. Pretty cool. They had a barracuda, but it was too fast for me to get a shot of it.
This was when I was watching them feeding the penguins while we were up at the very top of the aquarium. I have loved penguins since seeing them at the Detroit Zoo when I was about 5 years old. So cute!
I have some garden pictures to post, but I am done blogging for tonight. (Hubby went to see a movie with a friend.) Tomorrow night I am alone again (poker night), and I have Wednesday off, so I am up for the night tomorrow, I think. (?)

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  1. I hope a weekend in the city helped clear your germies out...? Sounds like you had a fun time, though!