Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I don't believe it! (well, actually...)

My computer has been down for the past week or so. The AC power adapter was not charging the battery, and (because I am rather dumb about such things) I let the battery completely drain. I thought it might be charging while it was asleep, but the cord wasn't working at all. Hubby knows way more about computers than I do. He said, 'you need a new battery.' I attempted to get one, and the store clerk asked, 'well, does the computer run without the battery, but still plugged in?' Hubby was under the impression, and so told me, that the computer cannot run without the battery and the cord was simply to charge the battery, not to run the computer. I just accepted that until talking to someone 'in the biz'. After explaining this to hubby, he still didn't believe me. We got online to find a new battery. It wasn't easy to find one with the correct voltage, and when we did, it was $120!! I suggested getting a power cord as they are cheaper. We had a bit of a disagreement ending in me simply saying, 'never mind, I will take care of it.' So the next day, while he as gone, I found a power cord for around $6 ($11 with shipping, but still a good $30 less than any others) and a battery for $45 ($55 with shipping!).
Anyway, long story short, I got the cord today. My heart was beating as I unwrapped it and plugged it in. The battery charge light came on, and my little guy started to whirr!
'I was wrong,' were the next words from Hubby's lips!
Of course, the new battery is already on it's way, but I think I will keep it just in case...I don't want to pay over $100 if I ever do need one, or go through the trouble of tracking down a cheap one.
I am eager to get my latest radish pictures up. They are such a great veg for photographing! And hopefully, I'll be getting much more from the garden soon. The peas and peppers are getting little flowers and stuff's getting bigger!
This week is a major cleaning week at our house (for me, anyway). We are taking a weekend to get away. Just to Boston to see my in-laws while they are in town, but it will be nice to get away, if even just for a night. Our friend is coming to stay with the dog, so I don't want the house to be the messy stinky place it is now. I also have to mow the front lawn as the 'ornamental grass' is as tall as my car now! I think we have become the 'neighbors every one talks about.'


  1. So, I just caught up on your blog! For some reason, I do not think yours shows up on my desk top because yours is the one I always miss unless I actually stop and look your blog up.

    Anyway, I am sorry to hear about all the problems... I think you and I are very similar in that regard. When one thing happens to us a million more follow... it always happens when we just don't have the extra money for it too!

    But, I am glad you got the computer problem fixed and I can't wait to see the veggies. I got an issue of "Ready Made" magazine and they have the coolest garden (I thought about you when I saw it.) I am going to try to find a photo online and show it on my blog...but if I don't you should see if you can find a copy and just take a look at it... It is a vertical garden and just really neat.

  2. Looks like now you can say YOU know more about computers than Hubby, he will have to come to you know.
    I just did photos of my radish, they are fun. I need to pick the rest and plant more in that space ( although I did already plant another long row of them and they are doing quite well. Can't wait to see them.

  3. Glad to see your computer working! And it didn't cost to much. Don't know if I would have made it a week without the computer, quite addicted :)