Sunday, March 28, 2010

goods and bads

I know that I have already posted an utterly boring post today, but it's Sunday and I don't know what else to do with myself today.
I am sad to say that I have had a mean thing happen to me. June of 2009, I was convo-ed through my etsy site about having some of my stuff sell in a brick & mortar shop in Maine. They also had a website they sold their consigned stuff through. It was a good deal. They waived shop fees if the items are under $10 retail and they had the standard 60/40 split. I checked out their site and blog and decided to send a few things. I put some time into packaging that I thought would be appropriate for a retail setting and sent a little package along. If everything sold, I would only get about $50 but it would be exposure in an actual store.
Then, I never heard another word. I emailed and she said nothing had sold through the summer, and that she could send my stuff back or keep it around for the holidays. I thought that taking it out of the store just before peak holiday shopping would be silly, if she was willing to keep it on her floors. But then I didn't hear from her. I sent an email in January asking for my stuff back, and she responded with a 'will do, thanks'.
Yet I still don't have my stuff!
My last resort was to send yet another email saying that I want either my items back or a check for the entire shipment. I have not heard back from her yet.
I am not sure what happened. I don't think she was scamming me. I am sure her life is busy, but it was such a small package of stuff (the smallest priority box) that I can't imagine what the hold up is.
First I was sad that my stuff wasn't selling. Now I am sad that all my hard work has been in vain. In the meantime, I have things expiring left and right in my shop and nothing new to list. And I am debating whether or not there's a point to even keeping the shop running. Maybe once the weather gets nicer I will feel more creative...but one never knows.

On the upside of today...I made a list and finished it. I love days when I feel like I have actually accomplished something. And today I did it all!
Bring on Monday!

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  1. Oh that sucks!! Do you have her phone number? I think I would be giving her a call!