Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day?

It's also my dad's birthday, and I did actually remember to call him!
I went out for drinks and a light dinner with an old co-worker/friend tonight. It was nice, as I told her, that the days are longer as I would not have been so likely to leave the house if there hadn't still been so much daylight. Two Manhattans, a falafal plate, and a tiramisu later, I was feeling good about a nice night out with a friend.
Now, being home and checking in on the interwebs, I am somehow reminded of an old job I had. I once worked at a children's' discount bookstore. We did a lot of children's themed 'parties' including birthday parties and holiday sale parties. Often I, as assistant manager, was in charge of things like games and party favors. I remember St. Patrick's Day in particular because there aren't a lot of games with that theme. My boss told me to have a game ready. So, I did some research, I'm not really sure how, since it was way before the constant access to the Internet...I must've gone to the library!! I found out that St. Patrick (and this is just memory...not specifics) banished snakes from Ireland. So...I made a game that I was so proud of I still think about it. I covered a box with paper and cut a hole in the center. Then I made 'snakes' out of paper. I used the technique of folding a couple pieces of paper over each other making a sort of spring. The object: spring the snakes into the hole (and thus 'out of Ireland').
It was a hit and it was hilarious. (Not bad for a girl who doesn't 'mesh' with children, eh!?)

Now Hubby's asking what I want for my birthday...what do I want to do. Well, I can honestly say, I don't NEED anything. And, I'll be working all week so I don't really want to DO anything. It's just another day...I've made it to that point. HOWEVER, I want cake. In some form, I must have cake on my birthday!
Today, I got the package from the in-laws. Probably a sweater and a check, but it is always something nice that I would've otherwise not gotten for myself. (I love my in-laws!)

No other news except to say:
1. I worked out today, but also had a cupcake and two drinks.
2. I am feeling ill off and on, but mostly just some nasal congestion for now.
3. Our taxes are done and we are paying some but getting some back so we're coming out 'ahead'. Looks like we'll be hot tub shopping soon.
4. I think we're officially booking our Vegas trip this weekend...decisions must be made.
5. Every time I get an Etsy email or read about someone else's shop, I feel guilty about doing nothing with my shop for the past month or so.
6. I measured for my garden fence and basement baseboards, so I should make a trip to Home Depot soon and start some Spring projects.
7. I got a package of plants (mail ordered), but they didn't send the privet hedges...the part of the order I really want (hating my neighbors, ugh!)
8. Luckily I get up early enough to know that there is still frost happening so I am not tempted to plant anything yet!

No Survivor this week... :(


  1. A hot tub and Vegas? Sound like FUN! We actually got money back this year- the first time in years! We paid down some debt with it nothing fun this year.

  2. Yea! for birthdays, socializing (even when we don't usually want to leave the house), memories, creativity, your in-laws (will you tell your FIL that I said "Hola!" the next time you see him?), taxes being done and all of the other fun organizational stuff going on! If you feel guilty, is it because you feel you're letting yourself down, or someone else? It's most important to do it for yourself, otherwise, it's not art worth selling. You know?
    By the way, the mythos of St. Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland is a metaphor for getting rid of the pagans. Cause, you know, where all slippery, sneaky heathens. Haha! *~_^* I'm getting a filling on your birthday!

  3. Angela: it's funny b/c we (Hubby is the spender, actually) make these plans to use extra money then I feel guilty for not paying down our debt. But the Vegas trip is being funded by a gift from his parents, who always say 'use it for something fun.' Then hot tub is becoming a necessity! lol!
    Renee: I feel like I am letting myself down b/c if i'm not creating or doing something, I feel lazy and like i've spoiled a whole day's opportunity. I never do anything just to make someone else happy, you know that! :)
    The game was for a childrens party and not at a religious gathering, so the snakes were snakes...everything in religion is a metaphor, though, from my understanding.
    lastly...i WISH i was getting a filling for my birthday!