Thursday, March 25, 2010

how annoying are YOUR neighbors?

do they constantly bang big sticks against trees just to make noise?
do they feel that 10 p.m. is a good time to start punching the heavy bag they have tied to a tree right outside your bedroom window?
do they have a somewhat dim teen aged son who has access to a hatchet, bow & arrow, or paintball gun and makes you think you should lock your doors at all hours of the day?
do they let their 5 pound, black chihuahua run loose through the neighborhood...even at night when it is virtually invisible?
did they decide they should also get a pit bull to let loose in the neighborhood?
do they randomly yell at passing cars as they sit on their deck drinking Budweisers because they have to make noise ALL THE TIME?
did they decide it was time to cut down all the trees that lend any sort of privacy over the fence?
and here's the big question...
did they not take any precautions when cutting down the tallest tree even though they new it was 'top heavy'?
did that tree end up breaking your fence and scraping the side of your house?
did you just meet them after 5 years of living next door because they are to stupid to tie some rope around the tree to keep it from falling into your yard?

well...that is how annoying MY neighbors are. i really wish they would move. now instead of me feeling awkward because they can see over my fence and i hate them (really,'s their inconsiderate creepy children i hate...); it will be awkward that they can see over my fence and we have actually spoken to each other. will it be Buds and bbq's with the McCoys (same hate, different reasons) all summer long? i wish i could afford to have a full-grown privet hedge put in right now!


  1. Uh! I remember that dim-wit of a son they've got. But, really, it's not just their children. Someone had to raise them that way. Are they going to do anything about your fence and house?

  2. I was gonna say, you know you can take some legal recourse over the fence and house. You're entitled to compensation.

    I've had worse neighbours (coked-out guy who beat his girlfriend and started parties at 4am), but it was in shitty temporary student housing, not a permanent house.

    Serious, go get pictures ASAP of the tree and damages! You can get legal compensation.

  3. Now I hate your neighbors.

    Sorry. Maybe you should start
    a. calling cops
    b. being annoying too