Wednesday, March 24, 2010

more spring and my birthday

We had some really beautiful weather to start Spring off with a sunny BANG. The out-of-control butterfly bush in my front yard has cute new green buds popping all over it. The transplanted hydrangea by the shed also has buds all over it. I love this little's a part-shade plant that the previous owner of this house planted in the front yard. Our front yard is ALWAYS in sun. It never bloomed and was always drooping. Once we moved it to the back yard, it doubled in size and even bloomed last year!

We let the cat out for a bit, too. (He has no claws so he is an indoor cat.) He and Moxie could smell the bunny family from last year, I think.

Monday was SO busy at the animal hospital. I basically got home, ate dinner, and went to bed.
Tuesday was my birthday. Another long day at work, but for the opposite reason...BO-ring. Hubby had our friend who owns the bakery make me a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and peanut butter mousse between the layers! yum! All my friends sent me facebook birthday wishes. The one from her (the baker) said, 'hope you like the cake. it wasn't my idea.' I wasn't sure what it meant, because I actually saw it before i saw the cake.
It was very cute, but definitely only a cake for a person who works as a dog walker!
(The 'poop' got smooshed when hubby closed the box, but you get the idea.)
It was a wash of a birthday because of work, but a friend of mine is having a birthday Friday, so we are having a combo birthday celebration this Saturday.

And the Vegas trip has officially been booked. We will be staying at the Flamingo. Bugsy Seigel's hotel. I'm planning on wearing rat pack era inspired clothes the whole time. (not sure that is how it will play out, since I hate bringing more than one carry on for luggage.) Our friends who were there for our wedding 10 years ago are looking into coming out for some time while we're there, so that would be extra fun.


  1. Yea! for Spring, birthday (did you get my voicemail?) and the trip! That cake sounds delish! *~_^*
    How are you going to stuff your petticoat and everything else into a carry-on?! *o_O* Why not just check one bag and have the carry-on, too? And, can't you take two carry-ons; a shoulder bag and one to go in the overhead?

  2. renee, i did get your voicemail...thanks! the cake is yummy, but i have to eat the whole thing myself. my '10 pounds to go' has turned into 15! lol!
    i don't like to check my bags, that is why i just take one (plus my 'handbag'). but now i get to shop for vacation clothes (b/c i'm hoping to be 15 pounds lighter and at least a size smaller) AND new luggage...i've never bought luggage before!