Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Variety...spicy or just a bad idea?

I am soooooo tired from my kennel job this week. I am happy to have a one job for just 2 days, a day off, then a different job for 3 days, then a day off. BUT, sometimes I wonder if it actually makes life MORE difficult? I mean, I love working with animals, so Mondays and Tuesdays I at least get to spend time with those funny little quadrupeds. But some days are so busy, and only being there two days, it almost seems as soon as I am back in the groove, it's time to move on to the next half of the week. I'm not complaining...I'm just exhausted from the craziness that ensued in the last minutes of work last night and caused me to race through my tasks and wonder all night 'have I forgotten something?'
Now it is Wednesday and I am enjoying the view out my back door...well, I am enjoying the color of the sky (November grey) and the half-leaved trees (autumnal oranges), and watching everything blow around in the crisp air. What I am wondering, though, is how is it that the neighbors leaves are blowing across and into our yard, but our leaves are not blowing in the same direction and going into the next neighbors yard? Is it possible that we are in some sort of 'eye' where all the leaves of the neighborhood are swirling around and ending up in our yard? Like some sort of leaf tornado?? We spent all day Sunday raking and bagging leaves (well, it seemed like all day, but I do remember finding time to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine in the back yard during this week of Indian Summer weather). I really like the looks of the leaves on the ground, and I think it is a futile chore considering all of our hard work has basically been undone with the falling of the rest of the trees leaves...however, we just spent a good chunk of dough to have a real lawn put in (thank goodness my coffee shop job has me in contact with lots of nice laborers and business owners who like me!) and we really don't want to kill it. So a-rakin' we must go. AGAIN!
I'm not really sure the point of this post...I think I may be putting off the work I need to do. I have all day today, then a few hours the next couple days, and then I need to be finished up with my craft fair wares Saturday. I started painting the bowls I had sealed....I think they are cute, but putting yourself out there at a craft fair really is hard when you're just new at it. I hope this year goes better than last year because I feel like the stuff I am bringing shows a little more focus. Ugh! Art!

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