Sunday, November 8, 2009

All sorts of crazy!

Let's start by saying that, despite all my good intentions for Sunday morning chores... sitting with the computer, cup of fresh brewed coffee, and listening to my friend hosting a local radio show always seems to be more fun for me. Call me 'crazy'!

I was going to try to meet friends in town for a 'crafty shopping' trip, but Hubby has had such a crazy schedule since getting a new (yes...another new) job this week AND keeping his other recent new job. I have not seen him more than a couple minutes in passing since Thursday evening. He worked 9-5 all week at his new design job. Then Friday, he still had to work his grocery job 6-midnight, so I saw him all of 15 minutes Friday. Saturday, I worked 7-2, while he worked noon-6pm...needless to say, he brought home a bottle of wine that I am surprised he hadn't started drinking on the way home!! So, today, is 'OUR' day. He is, of course, still sleeping, but this gives me a chance to catch up on stuff (i.e.: blog reading/writing!).
I have been working like crazy, though, to get stuff together for the craft fair next Sunday. This is the same one we did last year. I hope we get the great weather we are having today, but I am cursed when it comes to the weather and my involvement in events. Last year, I concentrated on cards and sheets of handmade paper and some painted bags. I sold some cards, some paper, and a bookmark. This year, specifically in the last couple months, I have been experimenting with paper 'forms'...bowls, trays and that sort of thing made with my handmade paper. I like it because no two are alike, and the possibilities are endless. The problem is that I have been trying to do it fairly quickly so that I have some stuff to sell...I'm afraid I am going to have quite a measly supply of product. Luckily, I was only really doing this because my sister wanted me to share a table with her...and then our aunt decided that maybe she would try to have some things to put on our table. We should have no trouble, at all, filling one table.
The other upside to all of this is that I have not been feeling creative at the point where I was considering ignoring my etsy shop for a bit to try to relax and let things flow as they will...but, now I have been doing nothing but creating in my spare time! In the end, if I don't sell anything at the craft fair, I'll have a ton of new stuff for my etsy shop!

Anyone else involved in any Holiday craft fairs? It is certainly the season for them...lots of holiday shoppers getting in the mood. Christmas music is already playing in stores...decorations are going up. In this crazy premature (in my opinion) Christmas frenzy, I keep forgetting Thanksgiving (and my wedding anniversary) are right around the corner! Don't get me wrong...I am listening to my 'Martinis and Mistletoe' CD at least once each visit to my studio, but I am blaming it on my 'highly susceptible to suggestions' personality! It all started when I heard Harry Connick, Jr. at the craft store. Which lead to an Eggnog Latte at the cafe. And it was all downhill from there! I just have to keep reminding myself of our anniversary, because Hubby will not forget, and I will look silly!


  1. its good that hubby will not forget!!! glad to her you are going full steam with crafting. I've been lucking lustre for awhile now x