Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Craft Show on the horizon?

Well, last night I got a call from my sister who works at a local farm that hosts a few Craft Shows throughout the year. Last year, my other sister, my aunt, and I all took part, so this year we were all invited back. My aunt is no longer crafting in the sense of 'buy my wares'. I have passing on craft shows based mostly on the fact that last year I didn't have much success; but, there is also the problem with my stock. It is very low. I have not even listed much in the way of new product on my etsy site. But sister Steph called me and she seemed to want to take part. looks like I need to get to work so that I actually have stuff to sell TWO WEEKS!
I am a little stressed about it. I'm not going to lie...I have started cocktail hour a bit early today. The kicker: I think it may have actually sparked some creative juices in me. I should've know! A goal! That's what a person needs to get back on track!
I decided, after finishing my 'chores', that I would enjoy the rest of this rainy day to relax and unwind and think about how I am going to manage this.
These are shots from the last time I did this show...
My little corner had my mish-mash of ornaments, magnets, and handmade cards. I really thought the ornaments would do better. I sold mostly Christmas cards. I still have some bags left, so I can bring those again, but I would really love to have some new stuff. How can a craft show cause so much stress??

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  1. its alot of organising thats for sure! and I would be so anxious that people would say horrible things about my craft. Im a nervous wreck when it comes to people judging my crafting style. you will be fine. you have your sister doing it with you and look at the day as one to have fun and meet like minded people. I love how you displayed your stall looks lovely. also thanks for commenting on my world sight post your words really hit home! all my love x