Sunday, October 11, 2009

Octobers Bounty

I love Fall. I love the crisp air, the crunchy leaves beneath my feet, and the smell of burning wood. I love Fall fashion, though I am not usually in the height of it, I do enjoy my down vest and hoodies.
October also means pumpkins and the carving; or, in my case, the destruction. Baby sister had a pumpkin carving party last week (I think it was last week?). I found it amusing to have people arriving at a party toting their own's just not something you bring to any ol' party!
I had no plan for my pumpkin, but one of the guests brought a magazine with an ad for templates you could order. Of the examples, there was a pug (which I have) and a Chihuahua (which D. has). Going by the picture, hers turned out fab.

Going by the image in my head, mine ended up looking more like a teddy bear...not much like a pug, anyway.
Baby Sis made hers into a little faerie house:
And Steph, not wanting to clean out the seeds, I guess, decided to make hers a little more...Zombie inspired?
We also did some apple-bobbing, which I was first to try. I'd rather not re-live that part of the evening, however.
October also means Pumpkin Ales. I have been settling for brews that I know will not satisfy my 'pumpkin tooth'. The Harvest Ales of Sam Adams, Post Road, and I even tried a new one (which I can remember the name of) just didn't have that pumpkinny goodness I so long for in October! I just wanted a 6-pack of my favorite Shipyard Pumpkinhead, but couldn't find it in my usual package stores. Finally, last night, I got it! And it's just as good as I remember. Ah!
Oh, and one more thing...Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins! Sure, our local bakery makes them year-round, but today, with the crisp clean air and chilly breeze I enjoyed that muffin so much more than usual.


  1. i love fall too! (or autumn as i usually call it ha ha) i havent tried pumpkin ale but i love pumpkin pie and i think i must try this pumpkin cream cheese recipe you speak of! sound delisious! p.s. i sent your questions! exciting xx

  2. Yea!!! What fun! I think your Pug/Teddy/Fozzie pumpkin was sweet. *^_^* I am so happy you were able to come; too bad DH couldn't, though. Enjoy your ale, Miss!

  3. i forgot to mention - these pumpkin carvings are AMAZING!

    p.s. its up x