Saturday, October 9, 2010

I think I may have a problem

I've gone mad with the vintage shopping!! All for this trip! What I've learned...not much really, except that I apparently like spending money on things I don't REALLY need and may not ever wear again. The problem? No problem, really, I just feel like I should join a support group or something.
You may remember this cute necklace and earring set? I DID buy it, and the woman gave me a great deal. I got it today and she fixed the missing stone!!
It's even more beautiful in person. And it's a choker type necklace, which i love.
And, of course, this is the dress I have been frantically hunting out shoes for...
Well, here are the shoes!!
A more perfect shoe I could not find. I am HOPING they actually fit. I got measurements from the seller, but I think she misunderstood as she said the toe-bed was 2'' across. Now, I don't know any size 10 foot that could support itself being only 2'' across. I'm a little nervous to wear them in Vegas...up and down the streets, stairs, and escalators, but if they are perfect, what choice do I have?!
So I think this can be the end...oh, wait, I still need a bag AND a carry on suitcase!! (For under $20 each I'm hoping!)

***The necklace set is from moxiesbestfriend on etsy.***
***The shoes are from VintageJewelryEtc on etsy.***


  1. *Gasp!!!* Those shoes ARE perfect!!! Nice find!
    You're welcome to borrow my black, wheeled "carry-on." Not vintage, but doable. *^_^*

  2. I adore that necklace set and I am so glad you got it, because had you not, I would have! The shoes, wonderful! Maybe when you come back we need to have a good ole' fashioned 50's xmas season cocktail party. That way you can where your clothes again. How's that sound?!

  3. I LOVE browsing vintage clothing on Etsy! I haven't bought anything yet but now that I have a little birthday money :)

    You know, it seems like just yesterday that you guys decided to go to Vegas and it seemed so far off - and now here it is October and it is almost here!