Friday, October 29, 2010

It's the Friday before Halloween, and I finally picked up a pumpkin for Hubby to carve. I was surprised he let me pick it out, but since they are only $3.99 EACH where I work, I just brought one home. I also have a surprise for him tonight...I tivoed It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown last night while he was out. It's his fav, and I don't think he knew it was on!! Anyway, this pumpkin had a super cool stem, where the others didn't have much of a stem at all.

After work, I stopped by see if the shoes I considered last week were still there. They were, so I bought them.
I browsed the store for a bit and also found this adorable sweater. It's really soft and has that cute sheer tie around the neck.

Then I was off to the mall for some stuff, including a headband I was considering for my renewal ceremony. This is the one I decided on. I thought about the feathered ones, but they were too white. I also picked up this cute black one to wear with...well, just about everything else I own!

In unrelated news, I was up using my computer the other morning, as I do every morning that I don't have to be to work at 5 a.m. I got up to freshen my coffee, and when I turned back to my computer, my previously sleeping cat, Hanzo, was at my computer as if he needed to check his email!! He made me laugh.

Anyone going out for Halloween? We used to go out every year. Usually to our friends' cafe where they always had a party, with live music and costume contests. It was always a blast, but then they sold their cafe. We are all still friends, but everyone has kids and...well, adult life things. There have been little get togethers here and there, but I feel like I've grown out of the fun Halloween used to bring for me. It's kind of sad, but it's the kind of ambivalence that makes me think that in the future, there will be a love of Halloween once again!!


  1. I apologize for the placement of my photos, but blogger is set up differently somehow, and I can't move my pics where I want them!

  2. Cute items! I love, love, love the headbands!!! Also, I miss Hanzo. Give him loads of pats from me. *^_^*
    As far as not feeling Halloween anymore, why not try coming up with a new tradition? I was thinking about taking a walk in one of the lovely graveyards around here, but that's to do with my spiritual orientation. It could be fun with a few more people...maybe a game of Ghost in the Graveyard?

  3. Darling stuff and I am glad you decided to go with the headbands, as really they are a sort of 'modern 50's small hat' that really works with your outfits. Oh good, take all the good stuff from Goodwill ;)