Thursday, October 14, 2010

They're heeere!

My new shoes!! They fit perfectly!! The heels are Lucite, though, and there isn't anything on the bottom to keep from slipping. I'm hoping to find something to stick on the bottom, since, walking around the house the heels slid out from under me. Other than that, they are absolutely comfy!!
They are a bit, gold, I guess, than I thought, but I think they work.

And, the etsy seller (Vintage Jewelry Etc) sent me an adorable scarf!!
(unfortunately, I couldn't get the picture to come up with the right orientation.)
Well, I am watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, and waiting for the rain to start (though, now it's not supposed to start until tomorrow, now)...I love the cocktail party scene!!


  1. Cute!! I thought they looked a little gold in the photo the other day - but you know - they blend nicely :) I love B at T's! It is so sweet and sad.

  2. So darling! And how perfect, really! After all of that searching, and there they are. *^_^*

  3. I had to edit this post: The etsy seller I got my shoes from was Vintage Jewelry Etc ...not, Whimsical Vintage. Both great shops to check out, but I've been getting so much vintage stuff on etsy, I'm getting all confused!! Sorry!