Sunday, October 24, 2010

i wish i'd brought my camera

Last night Hubby and I met up with our friend for some music at this cute little wine bar in our town. There was a woman performing that we have been wanting to see again... Kami Lyle . She's fun and plays the trumpet and has a Rickie Lee Jones kind of voice. She plays with a stand up bass and classical guitar. Some of her songs she sings in French, and sitting there at our tiny little bistro table with our bottle of wine, cheese plate, and chocolate silk pie listening to her belt out in French, I felt as if I was actually in a Parisian cafe!!
She was wearing a tea-length pink dress with some black crinoline showing (I believe it was actually sewn to the hem), super cute spectator type heels and a pink bow in her blond pony-tail. I thought about bringing my camera, but thought, 'that's weird...people will think I'm weird.' But there were people flashing pics all night!! I really wanted it when the cute little old man got up there with his 'Cajun accordion' to play a couple songs with her!
So I was out a lot later than I had anticipated and didn't get a shot of my outfit until we got home. I really wanted to wear my new shoes, and show how cute they are, but at 11 pm, having to get up at 4 the next morning, I lost my patience trying to get a picture in the bathroom.
This is the best I could do:

The tip of the shoe is kind of a wing-tip style, I think. I got them at Payless last month and have been waiting to wear them somewhere.

I wore them with my tea-length grey accordion pleated dress. I bought this dress 9 years ago for our beach ceremony for our family and friends after we got married. I wore a plain blue long-sleeved tee underneath with my 'new' zip up hooded cardigan. I thought it was a cute outfit and I LOVE the shoes! They look really tiny, and I am not used to a high heel, but they are so comfy and adorable. Thank you, Payless!!


  1. I am so jealous of your fun night, if you invite me sometime I will go, not to be all "invite me" but, hey I like music, love puffy dresses, love Parisian music and dressing up. Just sayinsz'all. Darling shoes.

  2. Are you standing on the toilet? LOL! I think you and I need to put "full length mirror" on our Christmas lists!!

    I didn't take my camera last night either and really wished I had. The restaurant was so cute!

    Love the "new" outfit and now you have me wanting to pay a visit to Payless.

  3. Sounds like a romantic evening :)

    That skirt is very cure- don't you love timeless clothes?

  4. Cute not cure :) I am an awesome speller,,

  5. Look how slim you are! Go, girl! Go! *^_^*