Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can't recall...

Usually, I check my last post to see what nonsense I had shared, but this time I didn't (I'm just up waiting to go to work). I'm sure I was going on and on about vacation or shoes or something frivolous.
Well, that's pretty much my life these days. I am working almost non-stop for the next couple weeks, and on times when I'm not working, I am going to work meetings, tying up loose ends for the trip, and I managed to book a hair appointment WEEKS in advance!! My calls to my hairdresser are usually, 'do you have ANY time before the end of the week???' She's pretty good about getting me in, but I hate being that girl!
I've also been REALLY good about getting my workouts in. I have consistently been working out 6 days a week for the past couple of months. I am keeping a close watch on my eating habits and I think I am ready to say that I have found my balance! My scale has informed me this morning that I have lost 10 pounds!! (since the end of August) I feel pretty awesome about it, and attribute the success to If not for logging every morsel of food and every minute of exercise, the weight loss would not have happened. The best part is that it logs really quickly. I had been on another site, but it would take too long or crash my computer, so this one isn't the time consumer you might think logging would be. It also has a facebook-esque social networking scene, full of people looking for motivation for weight loss.
I'm sure no one cared about that last bit...but I'm over the moon that I've lost 10 pounds!!

So, anyway, my calendar is booked pretty solid these next couple of weeks, so hopefully they will fly on by. Then we're into November, and oh, right, I will be working both jobs the second week of November, too...
but then, I will have one normal week of work. And then...Sunday the 21st at 6p.m. I will be kicked back in my seat on our United flight waiting for the stewardess to bring me my $4 Dixie cup of wine...the first of many drinks!!
I wasn't sure about bringing my camera for the trip, but then I remembered that I had one last time!! (duh!)

I should be getting my latest online purchase soon. Something I bought for myself on ebay, but want to be a surprise. I am hoping it will spark some creativity in me. A friend pointed out something that had been lingering in my mind that I didn't want to believe, but when I feel the desire to make something, I immediately wonder about etsy...and that discourages me...and so I just don't do it. I have recently sold some stuff (a few of my card collections) which was my first sale since last winter. But I wonder how bad it would be if I closed shop, tried to get my groove back, and then try etsy again at a later time. Or not at all?
Doesn't matter right now, I guess...

off to work...


  1. YEA!!!! That is fantastic!!!! Great job on meeting your goal weight!!!!
    You are always working so hard, but it always seems to pay off. *~_^*
    It's hard to get psyched to be creative if you're not doing it for yourself first and foremost. When you and the Hubby return, we'll have to figure out art/French nights!

  2. Good job on the 10 pounds!! That is really a big accomplishment!

  3. I am so happy for you, 10 pounds! What I wouldn't give to lose 5, well that's not true, because if I did give,that is exercise, I probably would as well. Congratulations and I am so excited for you Las Vegas trip. PLEASE take pictures! I need to see you in your lovely dress in that setting, so much fun. And don't wear it out, as there is still a Christmas Cocktail party in your future where you will be expected to wear that darling number.