Thursday, September 30, 2010

I don't usually post twice in one day, but BOY have I had a productive day!! It may not sound like much to most, but for someone who uses her one day off a week to just SIT DOWN for a few hours, I did a lot!
First I went to the dump to get rid of our trash and the few recyclables I could fit in my car. Then I went to have my car looked at. And, miracle of miracles, I only had to wait for about 20 minutes til they looked at my car, and then it took them about 10 to check it out. Verdict: it MAY be my oxygen sensor, but sometimes that's not true. So the cleared the code and if, after driving for another week, it comes back on, I should make an appointment. Even then, should they fix it, it could be something else. Cars are so annoying sometimes!!
Feeling good about getting that over with so quickly (it was only 9:30 a.m.!) I went across the street to look at shoes. I found a 'kind of cute' pair on clearance for $10, but I just saw myself having a hard time walking in them, so I put them back after putting them on about a dozen times!
I did find a pair of my favorite Saucony running shoes for $35! They are THE best shoes for work...both in the kennel, where I walk all day and at the grocery store where I am also on my feet all day.

Once I got back home, I cleaned the kitchen and started to baking my cake. I had an early lunch of 'Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Primavera Pizza''s 250 calories for the whole personal pizza. The veggies can make it a little mushy (I made it in the microwave, since I had a cake in the oven). I did put extra FRESH mozzarella on, too...extra calories, but so worth it...yum!

Then I moved some furniture...I had to take apart our Ikea futon and move it into the spare room for our friend. Which also meant moving around a few other pieces of furniture...the ol' switch-a-roo, as they say.
Then I frosted the cake...
...Hubby came home for lunch...
when he left I worked out for an hour and now here I am.
The only things left to do are put my laundry away (yawn), clean up my mess of cake pans and bowls, and clip the dog's nails!!
Most productive day off I have had in a looooong time!!

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