Thursday, September 30, 2010

another day, another issue

Well, the 'check engine' light has been playing with me again. After attempting to have it checked out twice, I am going to try again today. The first time, it went off on it's own. The second time, the garage was backed up and said, if I could, to come back the following week. I waited, and in the meantime, the light went off again. Since then, it has come on and gone off twice more. The mechanic said I only really need to worry about it when it begins 'flashing' ...well, this is as close to 'flashing' as I would like to get.
So today, my day off, I will be running my errands first thing, then taking the car in. At which point I will either sit and wait, or end up having to go back another day. End of the month/beginning of the month is a bad time to have car troubles when your mechanic also does state inspections!
I figured I could go across the street and look at some shoes, at least, if I had to wait a bit for the car. Too bad I don't still work at curves, I could get a workout in!!
I would love to have this taken care's really the one thing that has been weighing me down. I really don't want to get in my car one morning at 4:30 and have it not want to start! Or, worse, have it stall on the way in to work!!
Hopefully, they can at least check it out and tell me what's wrong and when to come back.
I also have to get the house ready for our weekend guest. Luckily, he's lived with us before so he knows our sink usually has dirty dishes in it, and there will be dog/cat hair on the furniture!
I'll also be making a cake to go with the frosting I made yesterday.
I have been given the task of ordering and displaying the new items that come into the store each week, now. I've decided that I should try these products at home when they are items we can't just open and try at the store. So this week I'm making the Yellow cake and chocolate frosting. Yes, it's a powdered mix for the frosting, that you add butter and water to. It's VERY fudgey. We'll see how the cake turns out today...well, tomorrow, when our guest arrives. There is also a chocolate cake, but i went with yellow b/c of the frosting; and, a cinnamon crumb cake that is to die for!! Trader Joe's knows what they are doing with those mixes, so I'm pretty sure the cake will be delicious.
Other than that, I'm still not getting into my studio...ever.
I'm thinking of planning my entire wardrobe for Vegas so that I can just pack and stop thinking about it. OH, and I realized that the dinner and show I wanted to see is in the Downtown area...Fremont street...aka, the bad part of town. Still considering it, but feel less likely that we'll go. Bummer.
We'll probably end up seeing some Cirque de Solei show since there's actually not much else going on that time. Barry Mannilow is like $200 each for the 'cheap seats'!! Donny and Marie are the regulars where we're staying, but...Donny and Marie? thanks. I'll just end up leaving with more NutriSystem foods!!
I need to get some pictures for my posts....I'm putting myself to sleep!

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  1. Just so you know, the check engine will-it-won't-it scenario is typical in our car. Zack's does it, too. Cavaliers do it when there's even a little moisture in the air. Never hurts to have it checked out, but it's not going to be a problem every time.
    Good luck, anyway. *~_^*