Wednesday, September 8, 2010!

So today was the 11th or 12th day of work in a row for me...I lost count. Yes, I had most of Monday off because we were closed for the holiday, so i had an easy 'come and go as you please' sort of schedule; but I still had to work! Tomorrow I have off and will be spending the day getting the house ready for the in-laws who will be stopping by Saturday...their first day of their 2 week vacation on the Cape.
Today, though, I worked until noon and met up with Auntie for some shopping.
Oh, what fun we had...well, I did and I hope she did.
I met up with her at the fabric shop by where I work, then we went to Goodwill where I bought nearly $50 in dresses, shoes, and a pair of earrings. Then, we were off a cute little gift shop of a girl I know. She designs fabric...super cute. It's called Yummy Goods, she sells stuff online, too, and also has a blog.
After a bit of shopping and socializing, we went for lunch at this cute little place that has GREAT carob yerba matte lattes. It's run by a 'religious cult', but the food is so good, we ignore the fact that it's run by a bunch of crazy people. (yes, that is just my opinion...people can believe whatever they like...although they do believe John Lennon was an evil person.)
After lunch...more shopping. There is a fun vintage thrift shop down the street from the place we had lunch. They are pretty notorious for how expensive their stuff is, but sometimes you can get a good deal. There is tons of jewelry and the entire ceiling is covered in vintage hats. Today I found some beautiful boots, but alas, my feet are just too big for most vintage boots. The saleswoman was a bit pushy, but I tried on 3 dresses. One of sequins that I loved, but thought was pricey for the shape it was in (missing sequins on the shoulders); one was a two piece in a pretty blue that was kind of like the sheath dress with the 'jacket' that was only $50!!; and, a pinky-mauve dress that the saleswoman said 'if you're trying stuff on, just try this on for me' (it was the most expensive of the 3). The pink one was sexy, but way too tight. The blue one got stuck around my hips. The sequin one was perfect for Vegas, and I loved it on...except for my pot belly... It was originally $300. I thought the price was $145, which I was kind of okay with because they said everything was 30% off today. But when I tried it on, I realized it was actually $195. I didn't want to pay that much. Auntie said, 'just see if they'll give you a deal...they usually will.' I didn't want to be a pest, and I figured that an 'as is' dress already going for 30% off, wouldn't go much lower. She said, 'I can let you have it for $117, if you buy it today.' 'I'LL TAKE IT!'
After all that, it was nearly 5 p.m!! I was meeting Hubby after he got out of work to do a bit of grocery shopping, so we decided to stop by the Barnes & Noble Starbucks for a coffee. My sister was working and her Hubby was working, so we got to chat a bit with them...and some more with each other.
After some shopping with Hubby, we went for burritos for dinner, and I finally went home...13 hours after leaving the house! That is a long day for me!!
But I'm excited about the FIVE dresses, one pair of shoes, one scarf, and one pair of earrings I got today!!, hopefully, tomorrow...


  1. 12 days in a row??? You deserve 5 dresses, one pair of shoes, one scarf, and one pair of earrings!

  2. What fun! I adore the oatmeal and maple-cream cookie sandwiches at the little eatery! *^_^* So delish!