Thursday, September 9, 2010

here's the booty...

As I was looking around, the friend I was with was pulling stuff off the racks she was looking through...'here's one for you!' I think the white one is the only one that I pulled from the racks myself, and I'm not even sure I'm remember that correctly!! So here we go...
This great yellow shirt dress was just on a random rack behind the ones we were actually looking through. Then later I found that great scarf. Dress $6.49, scarf 1.99.
Originally, we thought this would be a great dress for the vow renewal. Then we found a great dress later (wait for's coming!). After some thought, I may still use this for the ceremony and save the awesome dress for dinner and dancing night. This one has a tiny stain somewhere on the front. If I can't get it out, I may try dying it. It's got a great pattern, you may be able to see if you click on the photo?? not sure.
Totally forgot I also bought 2 sweaters, this one is super cute. The other is just a cute fuzzy hooded zippered cardigan that is 'so me' that my friend found it while I was poking around and came up to me and basically said, this sweater was made for you, buy it. The sweaters were only $4.99 each!!
This one is so cute! It's actually a bit shorter than I'm used to, but this style dress is so comfy. It had shoulder pads but they were just sewn in with a couple stitches, so i just cut them out.

This brown one is longer, like the yellow one, and super cute and comfy. Again, each dress was only $6.49!
These are the awesome vintage shoes. The best part of used shoes? They're already broken in!! I'm so unsteady in heels but these are great b/c they're not super chunky but the heel is wide across the back of the shoe. And those are my new earrings that I love even more b/c they were only $3.99!! (yes, I love telling people how much I paid for my clothes, because I never pay full price!!) Another great aspect of the earrings is that they totally match the cheesey bracelet I found once in a store I was working in (I think some girl lost it at a birthday party we had, maybe?? All I know is no one ever came back for it so I took it home.) and the ring I bought for $19 at an antique shop. I wear the ring whenever we go out. It is exactly the style of ring I wish I could put my diamond in, but am having trouble finding that type of setting.
And here it is!!! THE DRESS. (pardon my cluttered fridge and awful hair!! concentrate on the awesomeness of the dress!!!) I almost didn't even try it on! And then after trying it on and thinking about the price, I put it away and was ready to leave. My friend, a seasoned vintage shopper, got me a great deal and I couldn't possibly say no.
Look at it SPARKLE!!
But this is not an afternoon wedding dress. This is not the dress you wear to Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, it's not just thanksgiving, it's our vow renewal reception dinner. And it's Vegas.
But, come on!! If we are planning on going out to a fun club and being completely unlike ourselves and dinner, dancing, a show...isn't this a better dress for that kind of night, don't you think?? Hell, I may just wear this dress the entire time we're there...I just don't know anymore!! But now...what possible shoe could do this dress justice, without taking away from the glamour of the dress?? I am terrible at dressing myself, I really am.
** oh, I totally forgot: vegas dress = $300 originally, marked to $195, they were offering 30% off everything yesterday, my friend go them to give it to me for $117. That's a pretty cheap (vintage) wedding dress!!**


  1. *jaw drop* Those dresses are all made for you!!! So perfect! Or, is it *sew* perfect? :P

  2. I love the brown one!! Oh and the sparkle one- why not do a nice clear shoe?

  3. Not to take any more credit, but I think I found the white dress too, but only because I was thinking, Jen, 1961, Vegas, Rat Pack and ta dah the vintage clothing gods gave it to me to pass on to you!
    These look so good on you in these pics and I have to say (not just because I love to dress the time period) but the 50's early 60's are just the best and most fun clothing! Comfortable yet grown up and sexy. And how easy is it to put on that yellow dress and tie a scarf? Not any harder than sliding on jeans and a T right? Yet, you look SO GOOD and grown up and pretty. I just want to go biking with you, our baskets filled with lunch wrapped in wax paper and our vintage thermos full of coffee/tea and maybe sneak a filter-less camel behind the trees over there!

  4. wow wow wow all of these things are incredible! I like the sweater and the yellow dress :)

    thanks for making me feel better about modcloth :)