Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I wish I could let it go

Some of you may remember me getting excited about sending my stuff to a real brick & mortar retail store in Maine about a year and a half ago.
Then, you may remember that nothing was selling, but they were going to keep my stuff through the holidays b/c I thought it silly to send it back just before a busy holiday season.
Then, I never heard from the place again. No check, no returned goods...nothing.
Emails, convos, emails, convos...no response, until one day she sent a reply to my 'just send my stuff back' email reading 'will do'.
Then, nothing. Just closed up etsy shops and MIA bloggers. It is as if she disappeared.
Well, except that I know she had a partner. And that partner still blogs and sells her handmade soaps and stuff. Not only that, but she also has been doing the Maine 'fair' circuit which she blogs about and includes references to her friend.
I really want to just let it go, but I am pissed that these people screwed me over!! Why can you just at the very least respond to my emails and tell me that you are screwing me over and have no intentions of returning my stuff or paying me...at least have the balls for that!!
Why don't I confront the 'partner' on her blog or etsy site? Originally I had done all the correspondence through LIZA (yes, I'm going to name her...I'm that pissed!! plus, her etsy shop is empty anyway...she is nowhere to be found). Hell, I don't even know if the other girl was really part of it, as her business seems to be thriving! Oh, and the website that was connected to the Maine store has also been closed. I am curious if the sellers who were actually there long enough to get up on the website got there things back?? I am also fairly certain that the actual store has shut down too...but not 100% sure, since they had just moved the location shortly after I sent in my stuff.
Anyway, I am really upset for several reasons:
1. I sent them my best, and cutest stuff that I really wish I had to put in my shop. Stuff that I enjoyed making and having it back could coax me into getting back on my creative horse.
2. Who does that!! She STOLE my things. Sure, I sent them to her, but she didn't pay me for them or send them back if they didn't sell...that was the deal.
3. There was no real contract. I asked if there was stuff to sign and she said no but we could sign something if I wanted to. I didn't think it was necessary...I thought people in Maine were nice honest people!! (I'm sure most of them are)
4. Just respond to my emails/convos!!! Like I said, if you're gonna screw me over, I'm gonna keep at you until you have the decency to say 'look, I'm screwing you over...I'm not sending your stuff back and you're not getting paid for it. so buzz off!'
I just want to shout out to everyone who she is and how lame she is, but I keep reigning myself in when I get ready to post her etsy shop AND her partners shop. I'm keeping tight-lipped though, b/c I don't want to cause trouble or pain for the woman who is clearly doing really well with her stuff...I just want justice for myself.
I think it is this dark cloud keeping me from even bothering with anything creative anymore...I honestly do!
***UPDATE: upon further investigation, I realized that the soap maker is not the partner of Liza. Liza's partner is Kim, and that is all I know about her. The soap maker is merely a friend/neighbor of Liza but I wish she could help me out. I am just so upset!!


  1. I think that you should email Liza and tell her the situation. Maybe she's not a douche bag, and could help you.

  2. It is Liza that I have been emailing and convoing and she hasn't responded in months (not since the response saying she would send my stuff back...which she didn't do). It is her partner kim that I wish i could find. I considered sending a convo to her 'neighbor' through etsy, but i don't want to bother a 3rd party who isn't really involved...