Thursday, September 23, 2010

Need another day of shopping!? Who am I?!

These past few...well, months, probably...I haven't blogged as regularly as before. The main reason was because of my 'new life'. I have been trying to take off a few pounds and so have been doing my blogging on a weight loss site, since most of the time, that is what is on my mind. I log all of my food and workouts, and blog about my progress/set backs and feelings about such things. Basically, all the stuff no one really needs to know or care about in their everyday.
Then there's the matter of the in-laws being in town. They arrived on the 11th and are in town until the 25th. Just a couple more days and I can regain my focus on what's important to me right now: losing weight and getting ready for Vegas!
So how's the trip planning coming along? Well, we booked our flight and hotel back in February. Now that we are 2 months from leaving, Hubby says, 'I guess I better order my ring.' And I am feverishly shopping on line to find clothes! Well, not 'clothes' so much as that perfect pair of shoes that I can wear with every dress I am bringing AND will go with jeans AND are comfy enough to wear while wandering up and down the Las Vegas Strip or out at the Hoover Dam!! Oh, and that pair of shoes can't cost more than, let's say, 30 bucks. I know, I will never find that shoe. Well, I won't find it online, anyway, because I have looked! I thought if I could find a cute wedge sandal, then it would go with my dresses, and look cute with a pair of khakis or jeans. But the color?? The price!! I found a great pair online...not in my size. I found another pair online...$80! I'm not paying that kind of money on a pair of shoes when what I really want is my new ring (which I'm putting off b/c I just can't part with such a chunk of change right now...I'm more of a spender than I ever was, but I will always be, thrifty!)

So here I am, shopping online, finding all kinds of cute stuff on the Forever21 website, filling my bag. I check out the handbags section and find all sorts of stuff that I could see myself owning...but never using. I was thinking, 'oh, that would be a cute bag for that dress' and then remind myself that I am not that girl who has a separate bag for each outfit and I can't change that about myself overnight.
The toughest part, for me, about going away, is packing. I don't like to check bags. I cram everything I could possibly need into my one carry-on bag. All the little things that don't fit go in my 'purse'. Besides your carry on you are allowed a 'personal' item, such as a purse or briefcase. My purse is where I keep my toiletries, extra pair of shoes, and all other bits that the carry on couldn't handle. So I travel light. No extras. That is why one pair of shoes has to do. Last time we went, I wore my tall brown leather boots and brought my shoes for the wedding. But back then, I wore jeans ALWAYS. I had one dress I brought and the boots looked super cute with THAT dress. This time around, I seem to be a different person. I am embracing my love of the shift dress, but that means a completely different kind of footwear.

Oh, dear! Have I just sat here going on and on about shoes!? What is wrong with me?!
Clearly I need to go back out into the actual world of material goods and try on some shoes. Look at some clutches. Pack my bag and stop thinking about vacation!
I better ring the girls!

And speaking of dresses and Vegas...I showed my in-laws my sparkle dress and they couldn't believe their eyes! Then I showed them Hubby's jacket and we were told to 'get lots of pictures. Front, back, profile...' I told them I would send them our mug shots. I love them and I love that they are so excited about us renewing our vows. My father-in-law said the sweetest thing the other night when we were talking about moving away from home and such. He said, 'wow, that was brave of you. I am glad you moved out here or else Jason wouldn't have married you.' Aww!

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  1. All I can say is - Payless - and flats!! (I bet you could squeeze 3 pairs of flats in that luggage and flats go with everything!