Monday, September 6, 2010

Kind of like a day off

It's Monday...LABOR DAY!
I work at the kennel on Mondays but we are closed today. That means it's a Sunday schedule for the kennel person. There's the morning feed/clean/walk; then, the afternoon walk/check-up; then, the evening feed/clean/walk. I was going to ride my bike in this morning. I thought what a great day to give it a go. I am sure I could bike the 4 miles there and back, but this road I take is dangerous to bikers/pedestrians. It is very curvy and there is no shoulder, and there are parts of the road where the foliage lining the road hangs over which would cause a biker to ride closer to center to avoid facial damage. So I decided against it, and was happy for it later. There was way more traffic than I expected so early on a holiday morning.
Today's kennel guests are a combo of good and bad for me...the only ones there are the surrendered diabetic cat, Morris, and the surrendered rottweiler, Angel. Both require medicine in the morning and evening. The good part is that it takes virtually no time at all to walk/feed one dog and clean/feed one cat. The bad part is that I have to go in 3 times today for what amounts to a total of about an hour of work!! Now I'm glad I put in that extra day last Wednesday!! I had totally forgotten about the holiday.
Anyway, one of the receptionists goes in on Sundays and holidays to feed and exercise the parrot, so I left a note saying I may decide not to come in for the afternoon. Seems silly to me. Angel got two walks this morning, including an extra long one after breakfast and I will be back around 4 to feed. My pug stays in from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays so I think a Rotty bladder can hold it as least as long as a pug!!
So, anyway, I went to work at 7 this morning and was home again by now, it's basically like a day off...until around 4.
Catching up: Well, there's not much to report. The dog scale at work read 152.9 this morning!! that's like 3 pounds lost in a week and a half or so.
The in-laws will be here Saturday, for two weeks. I finally get to see the inside of the giant 'cottage' they are renting this year. We figure they will either look some more for a different one next year, or just go back to the old one. The one they're renting this year is 2 floors and has a big gourmet kitchen with marble counter tops and big leather sofas in the living room. It's closer to us than the place they stayed last year, about mid-way between us and the beach we like, and practically across the street from our fav bakery/coffee shop.
I'm still looking for Vegas stuff: dress, jewelry, shoes, etc. and starting to stress about not finding anything. The main problem is this: I have found several vintage dresses that I like. But they are all so tiny!! I thought women were larger back then?? Why is the waist on every single cute dress a 26??? I think the biggest one I've found is a 30'', which I can probably swing by November, but then the bust is like 40''!! Yes, I know, I can have them altered. I think I need to go shopping IRL...try stuff on, I guess. I just hate shopping SO MUCH. Maybe I can get the girls to venture out for lunch and a quick trip to Goodwill, since that's probably all I'll be able to handle in one day.
So far I really have my eye on these. The first one reminds me most of the Barbie dress I loved. But it's $190...(cheap for vintage, but...I'm just so tight with my cash!!)
(I always forget to list the sources: this one's here.)
And then there's this one, and it's only $42!!
(you can find better/more pictures here.)
Hubby got his jacket. He's wearing jeans, probably, with a crisp white shirt (French cuff, maybe), and a navy blue velvet jacket. It's by English Laundry, and I've never seen him buy something so quickly! He is so excited to wear's pretty hilarious. I think it's a great jacket and he loves it!
(I got the pics off, but he actually got it for just $60 on some other discount website...I think it's like a $300 jacket!! I knew I could make a bargain shopper out of him some day!!)
But anyway, you can see that neither of these dresses really 'goes' with his outfit, color-wise. I know the style of dress I want isn't really going to 'go' with the style of his outfit, but I think I'd like to find something closer to matching in color, at least.
Well, I guess that's enough rambling again...boy, I bet you're all glad I decided to blog today!!


  1. wow thats an amzing jacket. I think that second dress you picked out would go nicely with his jacket. or something a little darker perhaps. you dont have to match :)

  2. That little blue dress in a previous post would match his coat! *^_^* I am definitely up for a trip out for shopping, but I'm only off on Sundays and Mondays... :/ Let me know, k?