Thursday, January 29, 2009

looking forward

It's Thursday. And, boy, am I jazzed for Friday. But only because it will lead to Saturday and Sunday.
I have plans this weekend. Not like the plans of the past couple weekends, where I was forced to be social. Don't get me wrong...what fun times we had, and more we could've had if we stuck to our original plans and didn't back out of one evening of friends. But none of that really matters. What DOES matter, is that I am hoping to make the most of my weekend and actually DO something. Sure, I will have errands to run (bring the recyclables and trash to the transfer station, returnables back to the grocery store, annoying paperwork for work, etc), but I also plan on getting some WORK done. I have a couple stencils I want to test for shirts and bags. Then there is the task of 'moving' my stuff from the prittyaht shop into my own new MyDearest shop. I have a stack of handmade papers that are being pressed but will need to be ironed ASAP. And of course, since they seem to be a hit so far, I will be turning that new paper into journals and such. I would also love to get my handmade paper turned into some greeting cards, too.
So much I want to get done, and this weekend I am determined to not let my desire to just sit back and enjoy my days off get the best of me. I am doing the work! Too bad if it is the only time I get to spend any length of quality time with hubby...if I am going to make this work, I need to get the bulk of the sacrificing my social life out of the way!
I was just beginning to enjoy hanging out with my friends again, too. Oh, well, I do have another plan up my sleeve, so I am hoping that in a month or so, I will get a little extra time so that I don't have to sacrifice ALL of my 'down time'.

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