Sunday, January 11, 2009

New blog

I am starting fresh. It is my intention to continue making my little things: handmade papers, bookmarks, cards, and screen printed items. However, with the new year, I also have high hopes of selling some of them. I am currently involved in a joint etsy venture with a friend. It has been a place to showcase my paper items, but we seem to have go astray. Now the shop is full of many different things. They are all great items, but we find it too be a bit muddled and busy.
So....we are devoting that space ( to our screen printed and painted tees and bags. We are, however, still in the process of changing things around. In the meantime, I have started setting up my new shop ( as a new home for my beloved paper crafts.
I do think it is risky to move stuff around, but I feel it is a necessary step if I hope to make anything of this wonderful world of handmade gifts.
Please check out etsy and our modest little shops. I will be posting as much as possible...likely to pre-post new items or maybe just to work myself through the unavoidable headaches of working full-time while trying to make a place for myself in the art world.

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