Wednesday, January 28, 2009

still getting by

I MUST talk to my boss. I WANT to spend more time designing shirts, making paper, and just getting my hands 'dirty' with things that aren't edible! I waste so much time at my job.
Today, for instance, I was forced to spend my day waiting for customers to come in. I'm TRAPPED there, and there are HOURS each day that just tic by with my mind wandering. I think about designs, so time is not wasted there; however, it is nearly impossible to actually COMPLETE a thought. I am preparing myself to tell my boss that I need an extra day off during the week. This is a HUGE step, in that, my husbands hours have been cut and his freelance work is scattered at best these days. So my income is really what gives us the ability to pay the bills. I LOVE spending time making paper and printing's very therapeutic and fun. I just need to find the courage to let go of some of the security my job gives me (gulp!) and it isn't like I'm QUITTING my job, I'm just cutting back. We'll see how it goes, though, as my position now, will make it hard to re-work the schedule. I am nervous that my boss will simply find someone to replace me, instead of someone to just fill in for me...we shall see, if I ever get the chance (or courage) to actually make a move.
My hope is that my love of 'crafting art' will outweigh my fear of losing my job.
I have had a couple sales on my NEW etsy site ( and that is encouraging. I'm stepping out...

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