Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a new beginning

Well, the final decision has been made. I am on my own with my etsy endeavour. What was originally a joint effort with a friend (I had no idea what etsy was before she turned me on to it), became a project neither of us could seem to come together on. But I am really excited about my next step.

I am having fun making my paper and paper 'things' and now I am adding some screen printed items. I am determined to make this work. My networking has a long way to go, but between my 45 hour a week day job, playing with my babies (a pug and rescued kitty) and hubby, and occasionally going out and being social, I am doing my best to make my products and get people to know I'm here.

I guess I had better get a flickr account, keep blogging and hope people will enjoy knowing about my processes, and get more fun stuff up on etsy.

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