Saturday, January 31, 2009

i feel ...pretty good so far

It's just 10:30am on Saturday and i feel like I have accomplished quite a bit. This, of course, is only in comparison to what I USUALLY get done in and entire Saturday. I have finished my 1 hour workout! (yippee! me time, out of the way) While in the basement (where my home gym is) I scooted over next door (since the adjoining room is my studio...which is a mess as I visit it so rarely when it's 15 degrees!) and I ironed my latest batch of handmade paper. I didn't finish THAT project yet, because once I could actually see my breath, I decided it was time to get back into one of our HEATED rooms. So, back upstairs, with sale-able stuff in hand, camera at the ready, I got some shots of a couple things to put up on the etsy site.
I DO still have to visit the coffee shop (for business, not pleasure, unfortunately) to do a little training with the 'Saturday girl', but that shouldn't take too long.
Next on the agenda is some stencil cutting and then some shirt printing. I wish I had a mannequin or model for my shirts...

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