Sunday, February 1, 2009

the end of a productive weekend

I have finished my 'to do' list! This is a first for me, and I feel GREAT!

Today started off slow; pulling out of the Saturday morning walk, I decided to let myself have that joy today, just be sure I worked extra hard to get stuff done. In the meantime, I had forgotten that, in addition to the arting I wanted to do, I also had to go grocery shopping and do laundry. And while that doesn't sound like that much, keep in mind that grocery shopping doesn't end with the mere purchase of goods. Once home, the food needs to be put away, and then there is lunch to be eaten (delicious burritos...I had to get take out! I couldn't even think about adding 'make lunch' to my list! you understand...).

After lunch, I went straight to cute bat shirt, two fun stars and stripes shirts, and an adorable flowery tote. Now, they sit and dry so that I can heat set them tomorrow after work. Here are a couple pics:

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