Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, February 15

It has been over a week since my last post. And what have I done? Well, I have managed to get SOME dialogue out of my boss regarding the possibility of getting an extra day off during the week. It is promising, in that he may have found a girl to work Wednesdays (and possibly Saturdays, which would hopefully take away the need for me to stress about the complaints I get about the girl working now, and also my nagging desire to go in on weekends to check the work she has done while I was off...ugh!). I am eager to have a full day to produce paper, cards, shirts, bags, and whatever else my little heart desires.
But today, Sunday, is a 'work' day for hubby and me. After a busy week (work, interviews, school, poker...for him/ work, work, dress altering, work...for me), we actually had social engagements as well. Our friend turned 40 this week and threw a 70's themed disco party at the local VFW hall on Friday. OH, what fun! I had ordered a dress from a seller on etsy, but was pretty sure I was going to have to starve myself all week to fit into it. I got the dress Thursday and discovered that the only way it would fit properly, would be to have my shoulders narrowed. And to my knowledge, there isn't really any cure for broad shoulders. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not built like a football player, but I'm also not built like a 70's dancing queen!) Trying to squeeze myself into this dress resulted in a broken zipper. Which resulted in about 45 minutes of fixing the zipper. Which then led to removal of sleeves and altering of the back of the dress to avoid the need of zipping it all the way up the back. PERFECT! Feathered the hair (strangely, the cut i have dries in a cute little 70's Farrah flip), tall boots, sparkly necklace, and drapey,bang,boom! it's 1970!
I danced til my ankles could not support me in 4 inch heels, took off the boots and continued to dance til the party was over. (It wasn't until Saturday morning, that i remembered i had only eaten one piece of pizza before enjoying several 'jack & coke's' at the party...oops!)
And my mom is in town for the weekend getting my grandparents set to go back to Michigan. We were able to make a coffee date yesterday. Hubby and I just didn't feel like doing anything else but watching movies and hanging out.
So today, he has homework to do for Wednesday, and I have to I clean the house, as it so desperately needs it? Or, do I try to get some work done, too, since my shop still needs more stuff, I have shirts to print, and I want to sell some stuff? Maybe I can do both?
I can't wait to have Wednesdays off and I'd really like to be 'set up' when the first one comes around.
Decisions, decisions!

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