Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Schedules for Everything

It's all coming together. So it seems. The new girl has finished one full day of training, so this next week will solidify her place in our shop and then I can have my extra day off to focus on what I really care about... my CRAFT! I am SO eager to be able to really spend a chunk of time on research, marketing, creating, and all aspects of getting my stuff out into the public. I think my etsy shop looks pretty good, but I want my photos to really pop! I want to get out into that wide world of blogs and see what's going on. Really spend some time checking out what others are doing, what kinds of fun things I'm missing by being at work all day.
Of course it will take time for me to fall into a workable routine, but I know there are things that have to get done, and my networking has fallen too far down the list of things to accomplish. Now's the time. Anyone have any great sites I am missing out on? I'm ready to experience all that this world has to offer.
Stay tuned for more exciting blogs to come. At least, I hope they are more exciting. I'm planning on adding more photos, know, the posts to come.

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