Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday's bits of nonsense and unimportance

A few silly tidbits for today...
I'm off to take Dad to an appointment today. That means I will not be home (or with my computer) when my very first lesson for my online Veterinary course is released this afternoon. Sad.
I am excited that I now have my tiny little music machine (iPod shuffle) to keep me from having to listen to 'Dr. Handsome to the nurses station, STAT' all day (it's been awhile since I've been at a hospital, do they still say that?).
I DO have my textbook now, which should keep me occupied. I have been trying to understand the first few pages this whole week but can't seem to concentrate while on my lunch break.
I GOT MY NEW JOB. Yippee...I start a week from today.
A friend of mine invited me to a clothes swap next month. I would love to go, but my wardrobe is not 'swap worthy'. I actually broke down and bought a new shirt at Old Navy during their clearance event. An additional 50% off all clearance. Of course, all I could find in that mass of clothing was a short sleeved striped polo shirt. It rang up 98 CENTS!!
Now with the new job, I definitely need more jeans or plain slacks to wear to work. I see a 'thrift shop crawl' in the near future. I would love it if I could get my sister to come along. We'll see. Then maybe celebratory drinks afterwards...hhmm...this plan is coming together.
Well, better run. Dad specifically asked that I don't forget to pick him up...guess it's happened in the past?!

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