Saturday, January 23, 2010

the days go by...

...and the little things just seem to melt away.
I had a very nice day with Hubby today. After all of the heightened emotions of the past couple weeks, I feel great today.
Last night, we went out for a lovely dinner with friends for a birthday. Sister's bf turned 27 yesterday. He decided on a nice Japanese/Korean/Thai restaurant that conveniently sits about mid-way between us. I had already decided before going that i would go the soup and sushi route, and it was all delicious.
Hubby was actually the one to feel tired after his work week. For me, and all the running around, this has been a very long week. Each morning I reach in for the soy milk for my cereal and think, 'back to work tomorrow', but for once in my life, Monday just never seems to arrive! It's a bizarre feeling, I have to say. Anyway, we went in to town early and did some clothes shopping since I don't really have any plain bottoms or long-sleeve tees (Hubby's suggestion since it gets cold at my new place of employment). I got a pair of chinos for $8 and 2 shirts at $4 each.
My hair was supposed to get cut Friday, but was re-scheduled for today as my hairdresser ended up having to take her son to the doctor yesterday. That threw a wrench in our plans to get off-Cape and spend the day in Newport, but I didn't dare say no to the new appointment. So, after my hair cut, we just took a nice scenic drive, ate lunch at a nice restaurant, stopped at a bookstore, and picked up a bottle of wine and the rest of the essentials for our homemade pizza.
Now we're getting ready to watch some movies, drink some wine, and enjoy each others company. I love days like these!
I'll post pics of my new hair tomorrow, maybe. I decided to take advantage of it having grown out a bit and kept some length in the front. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, yet. But this happens even when I get the same haircut every time.

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